Privacy Policy

Please read through and families yourself with the following privacy policy that we have in place here at the Top 10 Money website. If at any time we make any changes to this privacy policy we will date stamp them and add them onto it accordingly.

So please do regularly check back to see if there have been any changes to this section of our website and out privacy policy in general.

It is also important that you do also read through our general terms and conditions associated with using this website, and you will of course find them on the terms and conditions section of this website.

We do have a direct channel of communication to anyone using our website, as and such if you wish to get clarification on anything found in this privacy policy or for that matter on our terms and conditions section of our website or any other part of this website then do please feel free to contact us.

The contact details will of course be found on the contact us section of this website, and you will find links to that page and the terms and conditions page on each individual page of this website.


When you first arrive and land on the Top 10 Money website our server will place a cookie onto your computer or onto the mobile device that you have used to visit this website.

The purpose of that cookie will be to supply you with the most relevant information you may be looking for on this site and to help up give you something of a fully rounded website visiting experience.

That cookie can be removed by you at any time, but please do be aware that on any additional visit you make to our website we will then place a freshly updated cookie onto your computer or onto your mobile device if you are using such a device to visit our website.

By you continuing to use our website we will take it as your approval that you are happy to accept our general terms and conditions and our privacy policy too.

Third party websites that we may link to or mention on this website will also have their own privacy policies in place, and with that in mind always do make sure that you read through their respective privacy policies when visiting such a site.

Leaving Comments and Posts

You may be interested in leaving a post or comment on any news story, articles or guides that we have compiled and have made available throughout this site, and if so please do be are that to be able to do so you will be required to have to sign up and register.

With that in mind you will be required to give us some of your own personal details, and you will be supplied with a password and a selected username to leave such posts and comments. Please do ensure that you do not use any usernames that may identity you personally unless you are happy to be identified.

We may also, from time to time offer an email delivered newsletter, and once again to receive that newsletter you will be required to supply us with your own personal information.

Be aware that your personal details will be stored safely and securely at all times, and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time from our newsletter.

Third Party Websites and Services

To enable us to offer as much information as we possibly can do throughout our website we will at times mention, list or review or even link into our website a range of third party companies, organisations and websites.

As those are third party websites, companies and organisations we have no control what so ever over the content or services that each of them have on offer.

With that in mind at no time can we be held responsible for anything found on their websites in regards to the content or the services they may have on offer to you!

When visiting any third party website we would encourage you to read through not only the privacy policies on each of those websites but also read through and familiarise yourself with their individual privacy policies too.

Keep in mind that when using any type of payment gateway or web or e-wallet you should always ensure the companies operating them are fully license and regulated in your own home country of residence as that way you will be offered some form of protection in regards to the funds you may have held in accounts with those companies.

How to Contact Us

If you do wish to make contact with us at any time then please simply pay a visit to the contact us section of our website, as it will be there that you will find details of how you can indeed make contact with us.

We do always aim to reply to all questions and queries as soon as they are received by us, but do allow a couple of days at least for a reply if for example you contact us over the weekend our out of office hours.

When you do make contact with us we will only reply to you with the relevant information or any answers to questions you have asked us, and will not send out any marketing or promotional emails, unless you have requested us to do so.

You personal information supplied when contacting us will be safely and securely stored and will only ever be used to reply to you. Be aware that any third party websites or services mentioned on this website will have their own privacy policies in place that are out of our control.