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  • Established: 1989

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • ATM placement
    • Check processing
    • Online payment gateway
    • EMV acceptance
    • QuickBooks integration


    • Retail
    • Mobile
    • E-commerce
    • Travel
    • Digital goods
    • Gambling

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One of the largest online business sectors is the payment processing sector, for with every single company that does business online they do all require some form of system in place on their websites to allow them to accept payments.

That has of course led to a huge and in fact ever growing range of different companies starting up some form of payment processing service, and one of the biggest company’s involved in that market sector is WorldPay.

Having gained a reputation as being a safe and highly secure company to process a huge and varied range of different payment methods, many companies around the globe now rely on WorldPay as their payment processor.

The following guide is one of many I have compiled and have made available on this website that is going to be taking a very close look at WorldPay and what they and also several other companies that do offer some form or payment processing have to offer.

So please do read on if you are interested in signing up to WorldPay and also compare what they have to offer with some to the other companies I have reviewed, for if you are looking for a company to process your payments there are pros and cons of using different ones.

Overview of WorldPay

You are of course going to come across a very large range of different companies that are involved in the payment processing business. However, one of the largest and most successful ones you are likely to come across is WorldPay.

WorldPay is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index, having  revenues of 4.541 billion GBP reported back in 2016 they are a huge and expanding company and one that many business owners trust and rely on to allow them to accept payments on their business channels.

The company itself as launched and founded way back in 1997, and WorldPay is part of both the Advent International and WorldPay Groups that have their head office located in London in the United Kingdom.

Both large and small businesses have chosen to sign up to and utilize the payment processing services offered by WorldPay for they do offer a solid and very robust interface that allows a huge and ever growing range of different payment methods to be integrated into it.

Whilst there are of course fees and charges associated with any merchant using WorldPay those fees and charges are very reasonable, much more so when you consider the filly rounded service they do offer.

Core Features of WorldPay

To allow you to make a much more informed decision as to whether WorldPay are going to be the ideal company for you to use as your online or mobile channel payment processor I have listed below a listing of the core features of their payment interface and an overview of them too.

Global Reach – v have always ensured that all of the merchants they have signed up to use their payment gateway are going to have plenty of customers, and they do that by offering lots of different configurations so those merchants can access payments from customers in many countries.

Payment Options – It will be advisable for you to ensure that any payment gateway you choose to you is going to give your customers as much choice as is possible in regards to what payment methods they make, and there are plenty of them available on the WorldPay payment gateway.

Languages Offered – Multiple language options are on offer on the state of the art WorldPay payment gateway, and as such when someone uses it from your website for example they are then going to be given the option of just which language they want to use when making a payment to you.

Currency Settings – Not only are you going to be able to set the WorldPay payment processing interface in such a way that you can offer different languages to your customers on that interface, but you are also going to be able to configure it in such a way your customers can pay in lots of different currencies too.

Mobile Compatibility – Over the last decade or so mobile ecommerce channels have become just as popular with consumers as online ones, and that fact hasn’t escaped the notice of WorldPay who do offer a mobile payment gateway that works as seamlessly as their online gateway does.

Online Platforms – You are going to have no problems what so ever being able to take any volume of payments when using the WorldPay gateway and there will be plenty of configurable merchant option settings you can also make use of to suit your business perfectly too.

Integration – The easier it is to fully integrate any type of payment gateway into every single one of your ecommerce sites the much quicker you will be able to start making use of them, and there is nothing complicated about the way WorldPay have designed their easy to install gateway.

Security Features – WorldPay have ensured that every single aspect of their payment gateway can and will be highly secure and will ensure that any kind of fraud attempts are picked up and dealt with very quickly, they offer 24 hours a day monitoring of their payment gateway too.

Audit Facilities – There are of course going to be quite a number of different audit features on offer to you are soon as you have signed up to and are then fully using the WorldPay payment gateway so you will always snow which customers have paid and how they have paid too.

Customer Support – There will be a chance that you are never going to need to get in touch with the around the clock support team members available to you from WorldPay, as their gateway is so seamless and reliable but it is always good to know they are on hand should you ever need them.

Using WorldPay

I do feel that no matter what size of business you own or operate, you are certainly going to find a payment processing service that suit you down to the ground from WorldPay, and below is a short video presentation of their many different services.

The WorldPay website is where you will be able to find out more information in regards to the numerous different payment processing solutions available from WorldPay and you will also find that is where you are going to be able to sign up to and then utilize their services too.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer any additional questions that you may just have about the services on offer to you from WorldPay, below I have put together a listing of the most frequently asked questions related to their company and underneath each of those questions are the related answers to each of them.

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