Top 10 Payment Gateways in Australia – Accept Mobile and Online Payments

Top 10 Payment Gateways in AustraliaThe number of businesses starting up in Australia that have an online presence is always on the increase, and with more and more companies based in Australia now accepting payments for their goods and services online a whole payment gateway service sector has become established there.

One of the major decisions that any company that does intend to accept payments via their online or mobile channels is going to have to make is just which payment gateway they are going to install upon their sites.

With that in mind I have put together this guide that will introduce you to the top 10 payment gateway services that cater for Australia based companies, and will also be letting you know what is unique about each of them and the pros and any cons of using each of them too.

You may be completely cost focussed, however it is of course cash flow that can make or break any company and business these days and as such you should be looking for not only a low cost payment gateway but one that is reliable and gives you access to your funds quickly and in a completely hassle free way.

Please do read on and spend as much time you can require comparing the following Australian payment gateway providers, as there are plenty of them available many of which I am convinced will be a good match up with your company.

Payment Gateway Providers in Australia

In this next section of my guide to the top 10 payment gateways in Australia I will be letting you know just which ones are going to be available to you and which ones may be offering you the services you and your company are demanding.

Keep in mind though, that each payment gateway will have different fees and charges for using their respective gateways, and may also be offering you and your customer a range of different payment methods and options too, so read on to help you make a much more informed decision as to which one you should utilize.


2Checkout2Checkout is a leading payment processor that is trusted by a huge and growing number of online and mobile facing companies. If you are an Australian based business owner that is now looking to accept either mobile or online payments then 2Checkout is a company worth checking out.

They have a very reliable payment gateway interface that is going to be flexible enough for you to install it seamlessly on any mobile app or website you own, and once installed and your merchant account is set up and opened you can then start taking payments straight away.

Australian based companies are however going to have to keep a very close eyes on processing fees and charges imposes on them by any payment gateway provider, as the fees and charges they will be forced to pay when using some of them can be very high.

However, 2Checkout do have some very reasonable fees and charges so you are not going to have to pay the earth simply to allow your customers a way of paying for your goods or services online or on any type of mobile channel.


PayFlowIf you need to have the very highest of security protocols in place on your website or mobile e-commerce channels, and let’s face it these days that is something every business should ensure they do have, then you need to choose a payment gateway provider that offers their clients only the highest of security features.

It is with that in mind that anyone running any type of business online or that can be accessed via a mobile device that is based in Australia should seriously consider making use of the service offered to them by PayFlow.

That company has been in business for many years now and have designed and developed one of the most secure payment interfaces available on both online and mobile channels, and as such they should be one that you add to your list of companies to check out.

Another major advantage of using PayFlow is that they can process payments in many different currencies and you can also configure the payment gateway to offer multiple different language options, and the fees and charges they impose are nowhere near as high as some other company’s involved in that market sector either.


KashAny business based in Australia is only going to survive it is has a steady stream of customers, and those customers are able to seamlessly and in a hassle free way pay for the goods on services any business does have on offer.

That is why if you are a business owner you should always have a payment gateway in operation on your mobile and online channels that gives visitors to those sites or when using your apps the maximum number of ways they can pay for your goods and services.

By doing so your business will course be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! There are however lots of different payment gateway service providers, and one of the biggest battles you are going to have to face is selecting one of them that offers you a fully rounded and cost effective way of accepting payments.

With all of that said if own and operate a business in Australia that is actively hunting around for one of the best and low cost payment gateways then you should take a good look at what Kash has to offer, for they are one of the best gateway payment providers in Australia.

Payment Express

Payment ExpressWhilst the number of different payment gateways that you are always free to pick and choose from and utilize in India is very large, one thing that every businessman or woman in Australia should have a very close eye on are the actual costs of processing payments online.

If you do not shop around then you could end up using a payment gateway provider that is going to force you to pay some very high fees simply for allowing your customers the option of paying for your goods and service online.

There I would like to introduce you to Payment Express who are an Australian based payment gateway service company who can be always be relied on to offer you some of the very lowest and most reasonable of fees when any customer of yours uses their gateway.

As one of the Payment Express clients you will find their interface seamlessly allows you to accept a large array of different payments methods and also is designed to allow you to have a very informative set of audit features too, so it is another one worth checking out if you want a low cost but ultra reliable payment gateway.


Authorize.NetYou can often find yourself be swayed in regards to the gateway payment service provider you do sign up to based on the fees and charges they are going to impose on you every single time that they process a payment on your behalf.

In fact, if you do manage to shop around and find not only a low fee charging provider but one that offers multiple different payment methods to your customers and offers a detailed audit trail and rapid payment service to you, then you can save a small fortune over the lifetime of your business.

Authorize is one company that has been making huge strides into the Australian payment processing environment, and one of the stand out features they offer their business customers are some of the very lowest processing fees around.

As such if you are cost conscious but do not want to make any compromises in regards to any single aspect of your online or mobile payment process then I would actively encourage you to check their website for more details.

Keep in mind though it is not always going to be the company charging you the lowest fees for processing your customers payments, it will also be the speed at which they pay you and also the value of any reserves you are required to keep in your account with them that should also be factored into the equation too.


afterpayAfterPay is going to allow you to give your customer the opportunity to utilize a one click type of checkout feature throughout your site, and as such there payment gateway is one of the easiest ones to use from a consumers point of view.

You will no doubt be fully aware that all Australia businesses are always looking for ways to ensure that their customers can have a completely seamless type of shopping experience and pay for the goods they are about to purchase, or when paying for services online and that is something you will be offering your customers when using AfterPay.

The state of the art AfterPay payment gateway is also one that is very easy it install and configure so you are going to find a range of different settings that you can make use of depending on what it is your are selling to your customers or the type of service you are offering your customers too.

Australian based business owner that want more information on the payment gateway offered by AfterPay, should visit the AfterPay website to discover just what that are going to be offering them to make their online payment processing an absolute breeze.


VantivVantiv offers a micro payment service to anyone living in Australia, and as such if your business is one in which customers are going to need to make in app purchases or any type or kind of mobile payments then their payment gateway is going to be one you should consider.

Australian Micro payments are processed in AUS and are also instant, and as such you will always have a full audit trail available to you letting you know which customers have paid. But keep in mind most Australian micro payment gateways can and do charge some fairly excessive fees and charges.

However, if you are looking to maximize your income streams and wish to add a micro type of payment gateway onto your mobile channels then Vantiv can and will allow you to do so relatively easily.

Micro payments, are by their very nature, intended for small ticket items or low prices services, and as such it should be one of at least a couple of different payment gateways that you offer all of your Australia based customers and clients.


CoinsBankAustralia based consumers will want and often demand a large range of different payment methods from any site they use, and if you want to keep ahead of the game and also your competition then you will be best advised to offer them a way to pay for your goods or service using a crypto currency.

Businesses based in Australia that do offer a range of different crypto currency payment options will often see an upturn in their customer bases, and as such you should ensure that whichever payment gateway or gateways you have one offer does include one that can process those payment methods.

CoinsBank is one payment gateway that will allow you to seamlessly process crypto currencies and with all payments being virtually instant you will have the peace of mind in knowing your customer have paid in full for your goods and services and can then process their orders straight away.

To allow you to understand the services that CoinsBank does offer you the CoinsBank website is where you should look for an overview of their services, and that is where you can also sign up to use the CoinsBank payment gateway too.


CommBankAustralian banks are possibly another avenue you should consider checking, if you are a business based anywhere in Australia and you want to use a payment gateway but one that is ideally linked up to you local bank branch.

CommBank is one such bank that I am aware of do offer a range of tailored payment gateway services to their business customers, and as you would expect there are some very high security protocols in place on the payment gateway interfaces that CommBank does supply.

One of the benefits for Australia based business owners of having a payment gateway that is linked directly up to their bank accounts is that there are often no long and drawn out delays in you being able to access all of the funds processed, but the fees and charges will vary.

You will therefore be best advised to not only checkout the payment gateway services offer by CommBank but also compare the services in addition to the fees and charges associated with you signing up to any of the additional providers I have listed throughout this guide, for I am more than confident several of them will fit your business and financial processing needs perfectly.


eWayYou will find that eWay is going to be offering you an all in one type of online payment gateway solution that is perfectly tailored for all Indian merchants and it is one of the most reliable payment gateways too.

You are going to be able to accept payments directly on your website once you have installed their state of the art interface which will then allow you to seamlessly be able to accept payments from your customers using not only any Credit Cards but also you will be able to accept payments made using Debit Cards and Net Banking too plus they also not have the systems in place to access Mobile payments.

One of the main advantages of using eWay is that their fees and charges are very reasonable and there audit feature is second to none too!

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a huge list of questions relating to using an Australian payment gateway, and if so please do make use of this final section of this guide, for below are some of the most commonly asked questions and their respective answers to utilizing a payment gateway in Australia.

1. Are all business sectors compatible with payment gateways?

2. Can I accept payments in any currency?

3. Will a payment gateway keep a hold on my income?

4. Do I have to pass a credit check?

5. Can I issue refunds via a payment gateway?

6. How long will it take to sign up and start using a payment gateway?