Top 10 Indian Payment Gateways

Top 10 Indian Payment Gateways<There are always going to be businesses starting up in countries such as India, and there are of course millions of businesses that are based there, some of which started out as small companies but have now grown in size and offer their goods and services to customers around the world.

There are of course many different factors that will make any business a successful and profitable one, however, at the end of the day if your company accepts payments online or via a mobile platform such as an app, then you will need to have in place a 100% reliable, safe and secure and just as important a low cost payment gateway.

With that at the forefront of your mind, please do make use of the following guide in which I will be showcasing to you the top 10 Indian payment gateways.

Each of the following payment gateways have a solid infrastructure and have many years of experience under their belts so to speak, in regards to processing a huge range of different payment by a large range of different payment methods.

Never be under the impression that due to you and your business being located in India you are going to have to pay a premium to have access to a first class payment gateway service, for many of those that are listed below offer very reasonable fees and charges and offer a gateway that is fully configurable with all business and e-commerce channels.

Payment Gateway Providers in India

Let me now move onto giving you a listing of the top 10 payment gateways available to companies and business that are based and operating in India. Please do spend as much time as you require researching each of the following payment gateway providers.

You are also going to find underneath this listing of the top 10 Indian payment gateways the answers to some commonly asked questions that many business owners in India do have in regards to using and offering a payment gateway to their customers.


AtomtechThere are going to be many additional and optional features that you can include in and offer on your payment gateway dependent on of course just which one you choose to make use of. If you are in India then one of the most popular and certainly one of the more reliable gateways is the one offered by Atom.

It boasts a very easy to use interface that will allow you to offer a range of different payment options, and with the number of them available you will ensure your customers have a range of real time payment methods on offer to them.

The Atom website is very informative and will walk you through the entire procedure for opening up a merchant account with then, and thanks also to the very easy way that their payment gateway cam be installed and set up you are not going to have to have any major technical ability to start accepting payments.

Their fees and charges are not as excessive as some other payment gateway providers either, which is something you should always ensure that you factor into the Indian payment gateway you choose to utilize on your site.


CitrusCitrus Pay offers all of your customers the convenience of being able to utilize a one click type of checkout feature throughout your site, and as such there payment gateway is one of the easiest ones to use from a consumers point of view.

India based businesses are always looking for ways to ensure that their customers can have a completely seamless type of shopping experience and pay for the goods they are about to purchase, or when paying for services online and that is something you will be offering your customers when using Citrus Pay.

The Citrus Pay payment gateway is also one that is very easy it install and configure so you are going to find a range of different settings that you can make use of depending on what it is your are selling to your customers or the type of service you are offering your customers too.

If you own an India based business and are looking for more information on the payment gateway offered by Citrus Pay, then please pay a visit to the Citrus Pay website as you will find all of the information you require when you do so.


MobiKwikWhilst the number of different payment gateways that you are always free to pick and choose from and utilize in India is very large, one thing that every businessman or woman in India should have a very close eye on are the actual costs of processing payments online.

If you do not shop around then you could end up using a payment gateway provider that is going to force you to pay some very high fees simply for allowing your customers the option of paying for your goods and service online.

There I would like to introduce you to MobiKwik formally Zaakpay who are an Indian based payment gateway service company who can be always be relied on to offer you some of the very lowest and most reasonable of fees when any customer of yours uses their gateway.

As one of their clients you will find their interface seamlessly allows you to accept a large array of different payments methods and also is designed to allow you to have a very informative set of audit features too, so it is another one worth checking out if you want a low cost but ultra reliable payment gateway.


CoinBaseIndia based consumers will want and often demand a large range of different payment methods from any site they use, and if you want to keep ahead of the game and also your competition then you will be best advised to offer them a way to pay for your goods or service using a crypto currency.

Businesses based in India that do offer a range of different crypto currency payment options will often see an upturn in their customer bases, and as such you should ensure that whichever payment gateway or gateways you have one offer does include one that can process those payment methods.

CoinBase is one payment gateway that will allow you to seamlessly process crypto currencies and with all payments being virtually instant you will have the peace of mind in knowing your customer have paid in full for your goods and services and can then process their orders straight away.

To allow you to understand the services that CoinBase does offer you the CoinBase website is where you should look for an overview of their services, and that is where you can also sign up to use the CoinBase payment gateway too.

ICICI Bank Payseal

ICICI Bank PaysealThere are always going to be risk elements when you accept debit and credit card payments online, and one of the ways that any merchant is going to be able to protect themselves from such risks or at least limit the chance of any fraudulent activity is by using a reliable and proven payment gateway supplier.

That is especially true in countries such as India, for the huge customer bases and potential customer bases of many online and mobile retailers and providers of a range of different services based there some of their potential customers may be fraudsters.

With that in mind if you are in the start up stage of any business or you are looking for another gateway payment service provider that has a good reputation for their safe and secure payment interfaces then one I can recommend is ICICI Bank Payseal.

They use only the very highest of security protocols on their front and backend payment gateway and as such that will dramatically reduce the chance of you falling victim to any debit or credit card fraudsters that may be trying to rip you and your business off.

Skrill Payment Gateway

SkrillThere are a growing number of people these days that tend to use web and e-wallets as the preferred way that they move money around online, and it is with that in mind if you are a company based in India that you should try and accept as many web and e-wallets as you can.

You will find that some payment gateways providers in India will have an infrastructure in place that will allow them to accept payments on your behalf from a range of different e-wallets such as Skrill, but it may also be worth your while installing a payment gateway dedicated to just that one e-wallet.

The Skrill payment gateway is used and trusted by a growing number of different businesses from a range of different service sectors and as all transaction come with a full audit trail and are instantly processes it may be one you are interested in using.

As mentioned, the Skrill payment interface is one of the easiest ones around to integrate on your website or mobile e-commerce platform and the fees and charges are fairly standard too, plus you can of course accept payments in lots of different currencies too.


AfterPayYou are going to be faced with a lot of choices when you are in the market for a reliable and very robust payment gateway service provider, for as you are probably discovering a you read thorough this guide there are quite a lot of them that Indian based companies can pick and choose from.

To help you get a good idea of just which ones you are best off selecting and then using, what you should do is ask yourself just what forms of payments you wish to accept on your e-commerce sites.

If you want to have the very largest range of different payment methods on offer to your customers and you also want the peace of mind in knowing your customers, no matter where they are, can deposit in their home currency then maybe it’s time for you consider using the services as offered by AfterPay.

AfterPay have been in business for a fair old number of years now and they have also designed and have also fully developed one of the most advanced and most highly secure payment gateways that you are going to have on offer to you, and their fees are quite reasonable too.


DirecPayYou will find that DirecPay is going to be offering you an all in one type of online payment gateway solution that is perfectly tailored for all Indian merchants and it is one of the most reliable payment gateways too.

You are going to be able to accept payments directly on your website once you have installed their state of the art interface which will then allow you to seamlessly be able to accept payments from your customers using not only any Credit Cards but also you will be able to accept payments made using Debit Cards and Net Banking too plus they also not have the systems in place to access Mobile payments.

One of the main advantages of using DirecPay is that their fees and charges are very reasonable and there audit feature is second to none too!


PaylinePayline offers a micro payment service to anyone living in India, and as such if your business is one in which customers are going to need to make in app purchases or any type or kind of mobile payments then their payment gateway is going to be one you should consider.

Indian Micro payments are processed in Rupees and are also instant, and as such you will always have a full audit trail available to you letting you know which customers have paid. But keep in mind most Indian micro payment gateways can and do charge some fairly excessive fees and charges.

However, if you are looking to maximize your income streams and wish to add a micro type of payment gateway onto your mobile channels then Payline can and will allow you to do so relatively easily.

Micro payments, are by their very nature, intended for small ticket items or low prices services, and as such it should be one of at least a couple of different payment gateways that you offer all of your India based customers and clients.

Andhra Bank

Andhra BankIndian banks are possibly another avenue you should consider checking, if you are a business based anywhere in India and you want to use a payment gateway but one that is ideally linked up to you local bank branch.

Andhra Bank is one such bank that I am aware of do offer a range of tailored payment gateway services to their business customers, and as you would expect there are some very high security protocols in place on the payment gateway interfaces that Andhra Bank does supply.

One of the benefits for India based business owners of having a payment gateway that is linked directly up to their bank accounts is that there are often no long and drawn out delays in you being able to access all of the funds processed, but the fees and charges will vary.

You will therefore be best advised to not only checkout the payment gateway services offer by Andhra Bank but also compare the services in addition to the fees and charges associated with you signing up to any of the additional providers I have listed throughout this guide, for I am more than confident several of them will fit your business and financial processing needs perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

There was a time when signing up to and then making use of a payment gateway in India was a rather long and drawn out process and was for some people very complicated. However, those days are long gone and it is very easy to sign up to one of them these days. Below you will find some commonly asked questions about doing so along with the respective answers to those questions too.

1. Can I offer a multi language payment gateway?

2. How do I pay for payment processing?

3. What methods can my customers pay by?

4. What goods and services can I offer?

5. Am I restricted in regards to the currencies I can accept?

6. How do I know which customers have paid?