SolidTrust Pay Review

  • Established: 2006

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • Online payment gateway
    • Multi-currency support
    • Online invoicing
    • Prepaid card issuing


    • Retail
    • Mobile
    • E-commerce

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SolidTrust Pay

It may feel like something of a never ending task if you are a business owner or a consumer when you are looking for a company to process your company’s payments or if you are simply looking for an e-wallet that will allow you to move money around the web seamlessly.

The sheer numbers of companies that do offer both payment processing and e-wallet type accounts are growing larger each year, and there are always going to be pros and cons of using just one such company.

You should however always be prepared to spend as much time as is necessary selecting such a company to use, for payment processing is an ever evolving environment, and one that you do need to ensure and that you are on top is that the life blood of your business, that being its cash flow is never put at risk.

Companies that also supply e-wallets can also offer lots of additional services to their customers and as such the following guide is going to give you an insight into SolidTrust Pay.

Plus, it will enlighten you as to the benefits of using that company to either process your business payments or as the company you may wish to use to hold your online funds via their e-wallet service too.

Overview of SolidTrust Pay

SolidTrust Pay was launched back in 2006 and is a company that was formed with the aim of allowing anyone that has an email address to be able to send or receive funds held in their SolidTrust Pay account.

During their many years of operation that have become a huge company in that market sector to the point where they have served millions of customers based in many different countries of the world.

Not only  do they offer their services to consumers, but they have built up a solid reputation with merchants and as such offer a range of services that will allow anyone running a business to be able to accept payments through an online or mobile channels.

It is probably the way that anyone can sign up to use their services quickly and easily that has made them the force they are today, and one thing that many business owners appreciate is that they will not freeze or suspense merchants accounts if their business is offering MLM or Network Marketing solutions or services.

Their system is very robust and does offer the very highest levels of security too and as such they continue to be trusted by millions of people, both consumers and companies all over the world.

Core Features of SolidTrust Pay

As you do have a very wide and diverse range of different payment processing companies that you can choose to use, I am now going to be looking at each of the individual core features that you will have access to if you choose to access the payment processing interface as offered by SolidTrust Pay.

Global Reach – The more potential customers you can get using your business and paying for goods and services you offer the better, and when you use the SolidTrust Pay payment gateway you will be pleased to learn it is going to give you a truly international global reach of potential customers.

Payment Options – SolidTrust Pay always keep their fingers on the pulse of any new and up and coming payment methods, and as such when you do sign up to their service you are going to be able to offer your customers the option of paying for your serves  or goods using all manner of different methods.

Languages Offered – Multiple language options are on offer on the state of the art SolidTrust Pay payment gateway, and as such when someone uses it from your website for example they are then going to be given the option of just which language they want to use when making a payment to you.

Currency Settings – Not only are you going to be able to set the SolidTrust Pay payment processing interface in such a way that you can offer different languages to your customers on that interface, but you are also going to be able to configure it in such a way your customers can pay in lots of different currencies too.

Mobile Compatibility – You may have just a mobile app or site where you sell your good or services from, however if you do or you also operate any type of online trading platform or site you will be able to give your customers the option of paying using their mobile devices very easily when using SolidTrust Pay as your chosen processing company.

Online Platforms – SolidTrust Pay is of course going to offer you one of the most advanced online payment gateways, and one thing you will appreciate is that you are not going to have to have a huge amount of technical knowledge or ability to get up and running on your website.

Integration – It has to be the simple way that the SolidTrust Pay payment gateway can be fully integrated into any website or mobile ecommerce platform that has helped them become such a successful company, for in just a few clicks you can install and get the gateway operating on your website.

Security Features – The number of security features that are in place on both the front end and back end of the SolidTrust Pay payment gateway are way too many to list, however you will always have the peace of mind in knowing your gateway is monitored and highly secure too.

Audit Facilities – There are of course going to be quite a number of different audit features on offer to you are soon as you have signed up to and are then fully using the SolidTrust Pay payment gateway so you will always snow which customers have paid and how they have paid too.

Customer Support – There will be a chance that you are never going to need to get in touch with the around the clock support team members available to you from SolidTrust Pay, as their gateway is so seamless and reliable but it is always good to know they are on hand should you ever need them.

Using SolidTrust Pay

Probably one of the very best ways you can see for yourself just how any payment company works and operate is by watching them do so, and as such below you will see a video tutorial of how the SolidTrust Pay payment processing services works and operates.

If at any time you do wish to make use of the services they have on offer then simply visit the SolidTrust Pay website and once there you can sign up as one of their clients instantly and you will also find a full overview of their additional services too.

Frequently Asked Questions

As there are possibly a few additional questions that you may be seeking the answers to in regards to signing up to and using the services that Solid Pay Trust do have on offer, below are the questions to quite a number of commonly asked questions about that company.

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