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  • Established: 1998

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • Mobile phone processing
    • Online payment gateway
    • Virtual terminal
    • Recurring billing
    • Merchant cash advance


    • Retail
    • Mobile
    • E-commerce
    • Non-profit

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You will probably have heard of, or come across Paypal before, for they are a huge company that has been very successfully offering a range of different products to both consumers and business owners for many years now.

In fact, the number of different money transfer and payment services that Paypal now offers is quite large and varied, but they are probably best known for their e-wallet system.

That e-wallet allows anyone with an email address to be able to send money to anyone online who does have an email address and also allows them to receive payments directly into their Paypal e-wallet account too.

This guide has been put together to give you an insight into what Paypal has to offer both consumers and business owner alike, and if you are looking for a very reliable and established company to handle all of your company business payments then you will be hard pressed to find a much older or reputable company than Paypal.

Please read on for by doing so you will then be able to compare all of the different services Paypal have on offer with some to the other companies that also provide a range of similar services that I have also reviewed throughout this website too.

Overview of Paypal

The number of different services now offered by Paypal is very impressive; for they offer both consumers and merchants a very easy to use yet very robust range of payment options and services that are available in many different counties.

The core product of Paypal however has always been their online e-wallet system which allows anyone with an email address to both send funds to anyone or any business online or via a mobile device very easily and also instantly.

Paypal however have also moved into the payment processing business sector too and as such if you are any size of business that wants to be able to accept payments online or via any type of mobile channel or even in a land based environment then they do have a range of services available.

Due to the popularity of their e-wallet system the number of both consumers and merchants who use their services is enormous and they have always been the front runner in online payment processing and the online money transfer sector too.

Without a shadow of a doubt, if you want one of the more instantly recognised payment processing systems for your business you seriously should consider using the services on offer by Paypal.

Core Features of Paypal

There are many individual reasons why you may wish to sign up to Paypal either as a user of their e-wallet or as one of their merchant account holders. What you will find below is a full insight into what they do offer their merchants by both their online and mobile payment processing interfaces.

Global Reach – Paypal do offer their services to customers and clients that are based in many different countries of the world, and as such you will have no problems being able to sign up to use their services and will be able to start processing payments no matter where you customers live or are based.

Payment Options – In regards to just what payment methods you are going to be able to accept on your mobile or online channels Paypal are best known for their very reliable card processing abilities, however you will also find additional payment methods you can offer you customers.

Languages Offered – Much like you can pick and chose from many different language options on the payment gateway from Paypal you are also going to be able to offer all of your customers several different language options when they are using that payment gateway too.

Currency Settings – To increase their sales, one thing that many online based businesses will tend to do is to offer their good or any of their services in different currencies, a range of currency option settings will become available to you when using the Paypal payment interface.

Mobile Compatibility – You may have just a mobile app or site where you sell your good or services from, however if you do or you also operate any type of online trading platform or site you will be able to give your customers the option of paying using their mobile devices very easily when using Paypal as your chosen processing company.

Online Platforms – It so the online payment gateway that is the most utilized one on offer from Paypal, and what many people do find is that thanks to it being fully configurable all businesses will have no problems what so ever being able to integrate it into their current websites very easily.

Integration – Whilst you may have a be developed or an app technician who can make changes to your sites and apps, if you are as small company and you tend to do changes yourself then you will love the way that the Paypal gateway can be integrated on any website or app very seamlessly.

Security Features – It is true to say that fraudsters are always looking at new ways to defraud any type of payment gateway, and that is why Paypal employ the very highest security protocols on their mobile and online payment gateways that are fully monitored too.

Audit Facilities – You will be given access to your own details audit account as a customer of Paypal and that is of course going to allow you to see instantly when and how each of your customers have made a payment along with all of their personal information too.

Customer Support – it does of course go without saying that any payment gateway provider you choose to utilize should always offer around the clock support should you need to contact them for any reason and that is something that Paypal does offer all of their customers and clients.

Using Paypal

Whilst eh number of companies that can and do offer e-wallets and web wallets and also a range of different payment processing interfaces is large in number you may be interested in learning more about Paypal, and the following video is worth watching if you are.

The way in which you can sign up to use any of the money transfer or payment processing opportunities on offer from Paypal really is easy, for you simply have to visit the Paypal website and then follow the onscreen prompts and you can sign up in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be nothing complicated what so ever about any aspect of using the many different services available from Paypal, but to help you find the answers to some frequently asked questions below you will find the most commonly asked questions and their respective answers too.

What payment methods can be processed?

Is Paypal the only payment gateway supplier?

Are the minimum and maximum transactions I need to perform?

What support will I have?

Do I need any special skills to use Paypal?

How high are the Paypal e-wallet fees?

Are fees modest when using payment processing via Paypal?

How long will it take to open a merchant account?

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