Neteller Review

  • Established: 1999

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • Online payment gateway
    • Multi-currency support
    • Online invoicing
    • Prepaid card issuing
    • Digital wallet service


    • Retail
    • Mobile
    • E-commerce
    • International

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Neteller originally started their business as way for gamblers to be able to move money into or out of any type of online gambling sites, and to also be able to keep their bankrolls in a special e-wallet type of online account.

In fact, at the time they launched that product they were one of the only companies to do so and as such they did manage to sign up a huge number of both customers for their e-wallet and also large numbers of gambling related business owners too who used their payment interface on their respective gambling sites.

Whist today Neteller are still the number one e-wallet of choice for many online and now mobile gamblers and gambling companies they have also started to offer their e-wallet to anyone wishing to pay for any other type of goods or services online rather than just concentrate on gambling related companies.

As such the following guide is going to be taking a look at just what Neteller will be offering you via their many different payment systems and money transfer services, some of which you may be interested in making use of either personally or as part of your businesses payment processing.

Overview of Neteller

Neteller are famed as being one of the very first entrants into the online e-wallet service sectors for their operation was started way back in 1999, and over the many years that they have been in business they have always strived and have succeeded in expanding the range of services they offer.

It takes just a minute or so for anyone to sign up to use their e-wallet, and by doing so it is then possible to pay for goods or services from any Neteller accepting merchant of which there are a great number of them in all business sectors.

Merchants are of course able to fully integrate their payment processing interface directly onto both an online and mobile channel, and can not only accept payments from their customers but can also send funds out to their customers too.

Neteller also launched their own fully branded prepaid debit card quite a number of years ago too and such anyone who does have one of their e-wallets is going to be able to use that debit card to access the funds held in that e-wallet, or can request for those funds be sent to them via a cheque or paid into their bank accounts instead.

Core Features of Neteller

It s always going to be advisable for any business that is currently looking around for a reliable and solid payment processor to spend as much time as required to find out what each of them have to offer. Below is a deep and full insight into the payment processing services offered by Neteller.

Global Reach – The more potential customers you can get using your business and paying for goods and services you offer the better, and when you use the Neteller payment gateway you will be pleased to learn it is going to give you a truly international global reach of potential customers.

Payment Options – If you want to accept any of the major payment methods on your online or mobile ecommerce channels then that is something you are going to be able to do, and Neteller do not charge excessive currency exchange rate fees and charges either which is worth knowing.

Languages Offered – It will always be advisable for you to offer as many different language options on your website or mobile platform, and thanks to the multi language options that you will be able to configure the payment gateway form Neteller you can utilize as many languages as you like.

Currency Settings – The option to offer a range of different currency options for your customers is something you are also going to be able to do when you are using the Neteller payment gateway and as such your customers will have the flexibility of paying for your goods or service is their own home currency.

Mobile Compatibility – If you offer any type of mobile channel as the way that your customers can access the goods or services that you offer, then you will find the payment gateway on offer from Neteller can be seamlessly integrated onto your mobile platform in a matter of minutes at most.

Online Platforms – In regards to the online payment gateway that Neteller has available you are going to find it can handle very large volumes of payments all of which you will be able to keep track of when using their audit system, and it is highly configurable too.

Integration – It has to be the simple way that the Neteller payment gateway can be fully integrated into any website or mobile ecommerce platform that has helped them become such a successful company, for in just a few clicks you can install and get the gateway operating on your website.

Security Features – The number of security features that are in place on both the front end and back end of the Neteller payment gateway are way too many to list, however you will always have the peace of mind in knowing your gateway is monitored and highly secure too.

Audit Facilities – Having access to a full and very comprehensive audit trail is one feature you should be demanding from any payment gateway you have installed on any of your websites or apps, and that is something you are going to have access to when you use the Neteller payment gateway.

Customer Support – Neteller do of course have on offer to all of their business customers an around the clock support team, and as such at any time of the day or night or on any day of the week you are always going to be able to make contact with their support team members.

Using Neteller

To ensure you are going to be offered everything you need from Neteller below you will find a video presentation that will give you an even deeper insight into the many different services that they have to offer all of their clients, so please do spend a few minutes watching it to learn more about them.

You do have the option of signing up to Neteller at any time of your own choosing and to do so you simply need to visit the Neteller website and then click on the register button and you will then be able to start using any of their services more or less straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neteller has quickly established itself as a mainstream online and mobile payment processor, and as such you will find their services and interfaces very easy to access and utilize. Below, for those of you who may have some additional questions are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Neteller and what they have on offer!

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