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Entropay is a high performance online payment service that makes instant money transfers between consumers and merchants in just few steps. Entropay is a virtual credit card that is easier, simple, instant and safe way for online payment.

Entropay can be used wherever visa card is accepted for payment. This card acts just like other debit or credit cards with only difference that it is generated electronically. A person has to register for Entropay to avail this virtual card.

Once registered, a card number with card holder name and expiry date with three digit security number are displayed instantly on the screen.

Entropay account is created in just few clicks and the funds can be transferred into the account by means of a personal credit card or other cards or by bank account.

Unlike other credit card, Entropay credit card is prepaid and there are no additional charges such as annual fee, interest and security deposit. The amount to be spent is already fixed and loaded into the card and one can spend only within those limits so that debt can be avoided. Due to virtual nature of the Entropay prepaid card, the account can be managed anywhere from mobile or PC any time.

Financial transactions are nowadays facing many treats against security. Credit card and debit card numbers used in online purchases are hacked by hackers and used for theft. Privacy of the bank account details or credit card or debit card details of a person is achieved by using virtual card which does the same work as the original one, but the actual financial and personal details are not revealed to merchant site. Entropay has password protection for each and every account and they have best firewalls, VeriSign, 3-D secure and virus detection systems. All the account details are protected by 128-bit encryption and offer military- level security.

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