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  • Established: 1996

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • Online payment gateway
    • Virtual terminal with USB card swiper
    • Hosted shopping cart
    • Buy Now buttons
    • Broad third-party integration (including QuickBooks)


    • Retail
    • Mobile
    • E-commerce

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It can be a nightmare for some businesses if they do not make the best decision in regard to just which processing company they choose to accept payments on their behalf, on any type of business channel, for some companies involved in that business sector are not as reliable as others.

If you are in a position where you are actively looking around and comparing the service offered by many different companies that you wish to use as your potential card and payment processor then this guide will be of interest to you, as will several of the other ones I have compiled through this website. as a very long established company that have always strived to supply their clients with what can best be described as a fully rounded service, and I am pleased to let you know they have also succeeded in doing so.

With that in mind below I am going to be giving you a much deeper overview and insight into what they do offer any business that is looking for a robust and very reliable payment processing interface, and one that they can always rely on to offer their customers an around the clock way of paying for goods or services on a multitude of different business channels too.

Overview of

Anyone with an online or mobile business or even a brick and mortar retail outlet or a business that needs to accept payments such as those made using credit and debit cards may be interested in the services offered by

They have been in business since 1996 and have, to date, a total of over 440,000 business customers signed up to their payment service.

What they offer is both point of sale credit and debit card processing for brick and mortar businesses but also an all in one type of online and mobile card processing interface that integrates with any type of website or app.

They have a solid reputation for completely streamlining the way any business wishes to accept card payments however they do offer a very robust antifraud system too, and as such they can and do often tend to detect fraudulent transactions very successfully, which is of course appreciated by all of their business clients.

If you do run a business of any type and you need a reliable card processing company then it may just be time for you to consider using the services on offer from

Core Features of

There does appear to be an endless list of different companies that you can choose to use as the provider of your payment processing element of your business. If you want to compare what is offering you then read on for below you will find the core features their payment processing interface has to offer you and your business.

Global Reach – is going to allow you to offer your goods and services to as many different countries of the world as you like, so you will certainly have a global reach in regards to where you can sell your goods or service online when using their payment gateway.

Payment Options – If you want to accept any of the major payment methods on your online or mobile ecommerce channels then that is something you are going to be able to do, and do not charge excessive currency exchange rate fees and charges either which is worth knowing.

Languages Offered – It will always be advisable for you to offer as many different language options on your website or mobile platform, and thanks to the multi language options that you will be able to configure the payment gateway form you can utilize as many languages as you like.

Currency Settings – To increase their sales, one thing that many online based businesses will tend to do is to offer their good or any of their services in different currencies, a range of currency option settings will become available to you when using the payment interface.

Mobile Compatibility – More and more people now tend to use their mobile devices as the way they shop or do most things online, and as such you are going to be able to fully integrate the payment gateway into your mobile ecommerce channels very easily.

Online Platforms – You are going to have no problems what so ever being able to take any volume of payments when using the gateway and there will be plenty of configurable merchant option settings you can also make use of to suit your business perfectly too.

Integration – The easier it is to fully integrate any type of payment gateway into every single one of your ecommerce sites the much quicker you will be able to start making use of them, and there is nothing complicated about the way have designed their easy to install gateway.

Security Features – have ensured that every single aspect of their payment gateway can and will be highly secure and will ensure that any kind of fraud attempts are picked up and dealt with very quickly, they offer 24 hours a day monitoring of their payment gateway too.

Audit Facilities – You will be given access to your own details audit account as a customer of and that is of course going to allow you to see instantly when and how each of your customers have made a payment along with all of their personal information too.

Customer Support – it does of course go without saying that any payment gateway provider you choose to utilize should always offer around the clock support should you need to contact them for any reason and that is something that does offer all of their customers and clients.


You may now be quite interested in using any of the many different services that are going to be on offer to you from, but if you want to see firsthand how their services operate then the following video presentation is worth watching.

You can of course pay a visit to and look over the website at any time of the day or night to discover more about their company and services and you will also be able to sign up to use their services via their website too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do make sure that you compare some to the other payment processing companies to, however if you do feel you have some additional questions relating to any aspect of their company or services below are the answers to some frequently asked questions relating to their operation.

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How quickly will I get paid my income?

Can my customers pay using a mobile device?

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