AlertPay Review

  • Established: 2012

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • ACH transfers
    • Bitcoin transfers
    • Localized remittance platform (SimplySendBD)
    • Multi-currency support
    • Referral program


    • Peer-to-peer (P2P)
    • Business-to-business (B2B)
    • E-commerce
    • International

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Many people who do start up a business and require a payment processing company will make the mistake of either choosing the very first one they come across or will simply opt to use the one offering them the lowest fees and charges for processing all of their online and mobile payments.

Whilst of course fees and charges associated with any payment processing company you choose to utilize is important, there are several other much more important aspects to choosing just which payment processing company to use for your business payments.

With that in mind I cordially invite you to make use of each of the guides I have compiled throughout this website that are going to be giving you a deep overview of the services offered by many different companies, as that way you will be in a much more informed positions to select one that is best suited to your business.

This particular guide is going to be looking at the range of different services that you are going to be able to make use of once you sign up to and become a client of AlertPay, one of the leading companies involved in both online and mobile payment processing.

Overview of AlertPay

It was back in 2012 that AlertPay chose to spin off and then sell their e-wallet system and as such that part of the company became Payza, however AlertPay do still offer a range of merchant products and services some of which may be of interest to you.

If you are a business owner who is looking for what can be best described as an all in one type of service that is going to allow you to accept payments on any type of online channel or mobile channel then that is what AlertPay are going to allow you to do.

They offer a fully configurable payment interface that is very easy to both integrate and configure to allow your business to seamlessly offer you customers a third party payment processing system without the need to your clients to have to leave your site or mobile channel.

Whilst it is always going to be the levels of service, the security features and of course the fees and charges that any payment processing company do have on offer that will sway most business owners, all of those aspects of the AlertPay operation are worth taking a closer look at.

Core Features of AlertPay

You are going to find AlertPay do offer something of a fully rounded service to all of their merchant account holders, and if you are looking for a solid and dependable payment processor then read on to find out all about the individual core features of the AlertPay payment processing interface.

Global Reach – AlertPay is going to allow you to offer your goods and services to as many different countries of the world as you like, so you will certainly have a global reach in regards to where you can sell your goods or service online when using their payment gateway.

Payment Options – AlertPay always keep their fingers on the pulse of any new and up and coming payment methods, and as such when you do sign up to their service you are going to be able to offer your customers the option of paying for your serves  or goods using all manner of different methods.

Languages Offered – You will of course want to offer your customer the absolute maximum number of languages when they are using your chosen payment gateway, and as such you will find that AlertPay do offer multiple different language options that you can make use of.

Currency Settings – One of the major benefits of you choosing to use AlertPay is that you can either set one standalone currency option setting of you can utilize several different settings, in regard sot the currencies that their processing interface is going to be able to accept on your site.

Mobile Compatibility – More and more people now tend to use their mobile devices as the way they shop or do most things online, and as such you are going to be able to fully integrate the AlertPay payment gateway into your mobile ecommerce channels very easily.

Online Platforms – AlertPay is of course going to offer you one of the most advanced online payment gateways, and one thing you will appreciate is that you are not going to have to have a huge amount of technical knowledge or ability to get up and running on your website.

Integration – You will have plenty of ways of being able to configure the AlertPay payment gateway once you have integrated it into either your online or mobile channels, so you will find it can be configured to suit the layout and design of your channels with no fuss or hassle.

Security Features – Security is of course the most important aspect of any payment gateway or interface, and no stone has been left unturned to ensure that only the very latest and highest security protocols are the ones that are in use on the AlertPay payment gateway.

Audit Facilities – You will need to know when any payments have been paid to you and who made those payments too and the AlertPay audit feature is accessible to you at any time and will update you in real time in regards to every single payment processed on your behalf.

Customer Support – One final thing that I am happy to let you know about is that when you use the AlertPay payment gateway and are one of their customers you do have access to their support centre, and you can contact their support team any time of your own choosing 7 days a week.

Using AlertPay

AlertPay really are a company that are at the top of their game and if you are in the market for a first class payment processing company then you will not go far wrong when using the payment gateway. Below is a video presentation that will let you see firsthand some to the many different services they are going to be offering you.

Please do checkout some of the other payment gateways I have reviewed, and also consider paying a visit to the AlertPay website for additional information on what they can offer you and your business and to also sign up to use their website too.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are listed below a range of questions that you may have about using any of the quite wide and varied service offered by AlertPay and you will of course find the answers to those questions below too, so read on and visit their website for answers to any additional questions that you may also have.

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