2Checkout Review

  • Established: 2000

  • Products & Services

    • Debit and credit card processing
    • International processing
    • Hosted online shopping cart (with integration for third-party carts)
    • PCI-compliant payment gateway
    • Foreign language and currency support
    • Virtual terminal (activation required)


    • E-commerce
    • International

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There are always going to be differences in regards to the services that any payment processing company is going to be offering their clients, and you should always ensure that the one you do select to process payments on your behalf is at the top of their game.

By carefully selecting a payment processing company then your customers are always going to be able to pay for any of the goods or service you offer online in a complete hassle free way, allowing you to course to concentrate on processing those orders.

2Checkout are one of many different companies that are involved in the online and mobile payment processing market sector, and there is in fact a lot to like about the service they offer and the way their payment interfaces seamlessly work and operate too.

Below you are going to find full details of what makes 2Checkout unique and also I am going to be giving you an insight into the range of different services that they offer all of their business clients.

If you are on the hunt for a reliable and first class payment processor that does have many high end products that can be seamlessly integrated into any ecommerce channel, then please do read on and compare what 2Checkout is going to be offering you with some of their competitors.

Overview of 2Checkout

It has to be the diversity and flexibility of the products offered by 2Checjout that has made them a true force in payment processing, for they do offer their clients a large and very varied range of different payment processing opportunities.

Anyone who does own or operate any size of business is going to be able to sign up and become a merchant client of 2Chekout and by doing so they are then going to be able to integrate their payment processing systems into any website or mobile channel.

It is the way in which that payment processing interface can then be integrated and fully branded that does appeal to many of their clients, for with a range of built in option settings any business will be able to configure it in a way they desire.

With a full audit trail and plenty of additional language and currency options available, if you own any size of business who is eager to start accepting payments online or via a mobile channel you will be best advised to take a closer look at just what 2 Checkout can offer you.

For with some very reasonable fees and charges they are a company to consider using for all of your payment processing requirements.

Core Features of 2Checkout

In the following section of my guide and review of 2Checkout I am going to be revealing to you an overview of each individual aspect of their payment interface and will also be letting you know about any pros and cons of using that interface on your online or mobile channels.

Global Reach – 2Checkout have always ensured that all of the merchants they have signed up to use their payment gateway are going to have plenty of customers, and they do that by offering lots of different configurations so those merchants can access payments from customers in many countries.

Payment Options – It will be advisable for you to ensure that any payment gateway you choose to you is going to give your customers as much choice as is possible in regards to what payment methods they make, and there are plenty of them available on the 2Checkout payment gateway.

Languages Offered – Much like you can pick and chose from many different language options on the payment gateway from 2Checkout you are also going to be able to offer all of your customers several different language options when they are using that payment gateway too.

Currency Settings – One of the major benefits of you choosing to use 2Checkout is that you can either set one standalone currency option setting of you can utilize several different settings, in regard sot the currencies that their processing interface is going to be able to accept on your site.

Mobile Compatibility – Over the last decade or so mobile ecommerce channels have become just as popular with consumers as online ones, and that fact hasn’t escaped the notice of 2Checkout who do offer a mobile payment gateway that works as seamlessly as their online gateway does.

Online Platforms – In regards to the online payment gateway that 2Checkout has available you are going to find it can handle very large volumes of payments all of which you will be able to keep track of when using their audit system, and it is highly configurable too.

Integration – Whilst you may have a be developed or an app technician who can make changes to your sites and apps, if you are as small company and you tend to do changes yourself then you will love the way that the 2Checkout gateway can be integrated on any website or app very seamlessly.

Security Features – It is true to say that fraudsters are always looking at new ways to defraud any type of payment gateway, and that is why 2Checkout employ the very highest security protocols on their mobile and online payment gateways that are fully monitored too.

Audit Facilities – You will need to know when any payments have been paid to you and who made those payments too and the 2Checkout audit feature is accessible to you at any time and will update you in real time in regards to every single payment processed on your behalf.

Customer Support – One final thing that I am happy to let you know about is that when you use the 2Checkout payment gateway and are one of their customers you do have access to their support centre, and you can contact their support team any time of your own choosing 7 days a week.

Using 2Checkout

As you have been finding out there is a lot to like about 2Checkout as a company and also what they have to offer you via their payment processing interface and below is a short video presentation that will allow you to see more about how they operate as a company.

If you have now made up your mind you would like to become one of their customers or simply want additional formation on what they have to offer you then please do take a look over the 2Checkout website for there is plenty of additional information that you will find of interest on that website.

Frequently Asked Questions

One thing that 2Checkout do offer are plenty of user guides, so you can always find detailed information of how to configure their payment gateway on their website as one of their customers. Below you will also find the answers to a range of different questions you may have about them too.

What happens if I need to refund a customer?

Are the service fees expensive?

Will I be required to have to use 2Checkout continually?

Is 2Checkout completely user friendly?

What other payment gateway companies can I use?

What Payment Limits are available?

Can my customers pay by credit and debit cards?

Do different payment methods attract different fees?

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