Will Ethereum Become More Popular than Bitcoin?

May 11, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Buy Bitcoin or EthereumAs you are going to be more than aware of you are a cryptocurrency user, that trading environment is an ever changing one, however one thing that has a constant over the many years that digital assets have been available, is that Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency.

Obviously being the very first one launched, it will have the largest market capital value, however with more and more cryptocurrencies coming online all the time, there is surely going to come a time when another one overtakes Bitcoin regarding the market capital value and the number of users that prefer using an additional one.

Many people are of the mind that Ethereum for example is a much better digital asset and are also of the mind that Ethereum will soon steal the crown so to speak as the most used and possibly the highest valued cryptocurrency too.

However, if that is something that has crossed your mind, it is going to probably take some time before it ever does, for there is a huge gulf regarding the actual values of both of those two digital assets, but anything is of course possible, and there may just come a time, and possibly sooner rather than later when Ethereum does become the number one cryptocurrency!

In fact, that is something that a lot of people are hoping does happen, for there are a lot of additional benefits of choosing to use Ethereum rather than Bitcoin, but it will be a case of wait and see as to whether it does become the most used one.

What are the Attractions of Ethereum?

You may be wondering what the attractions are of using Ethereum instead of Bitcoin, and such let me now give you an insight into just what the major differences are and why many people the world over does like to use Ethereum rather than bitcoin.

One feature that is on offer on the Ethereum blockchain is that it is very, very easy for someone to launch their own tokens onto that blockchain, and as such fi you are a company for example that is looking to raise finance from an initial coin offering you could have it up and running in no time using the Ethereum blockchain.

There is of course the added advantage of Ethereum being only a fraction of the cost of Bitcoin, and that will appeal to a great many people when it comes to them buying Ethereum, as they will not have to fork out huge amounts of cash as they do when buying full units of Bitcoin.

Also, it is worth noting that there are just as many digital currency exchanges at which you can buy and sell and trade Ethereum as they are ones that have Bitcoin on offer, and as such there are never going to be any problems with you being able to buy or sell or even trade Ethereum when you want to go about doing do!

Different Ways You Can Buy Ethereum

If you do fancy buying into Ethereum, then there are going to be just as many ways you can buy any units of that cryptocurrency as there are when you set about buying into Bitcoin, so let me guide you now through those different ways fi you are interested in buying Ethereum in the very near future.

You will need to get a digital currency wallet to allow you to access your Ethereum on the blockchain and get your units of Ethereum sent to you when buying any, but there are plenty of digital wallets to pick and choose from some of which are now also compatible with a range of different cryptocurrencies too.

The easiest way you can set about buying Ethereum is by using a digital currency exchange, and when you use such an exchange be aware that on tip of the spot price of Ethereum you will also be required to pay some additional fees and processing charges too.

You may prefer the convenience of buying Ethereum at an ATM, and if so you will find more than enough ATM’s dotted all over the world will not only allow you to buy Ethereum but also sell it too and turn it into cold hard cash.

You could also prefer using a peer to peer type of service and when you do so you will be matched up with someone who wants to sell Ethereum in your local area and you then can do a trade with that other person.