Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Show a 24 Hour Loss

January 31, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Volatility is something anyone involved in cryptocurrencies has to get used to, however in the last 24 hours the top 10 biggest ones, by their market capital, have all shown a loss.

There are of course several reasons why the value of all cryptocurrencies are going to bounce around, but  with those popular ones all showing a loss over the same period is quite unusual but not as rare as you may first have thought.

You have to keep in mind that whilst there are millions of people the world over using cryptocurrencies, there is a much high number of people who have yet started to get involved in them, but there are many people who are thinking of doing so, and as such if you are one such person you may be wondering just which one to get involved in yourself.

With that in mind I will give you an insight into the spot values of each other top 10 cryptocurrencies at this current moment in time, and below I will also highlight their current market values and the percentage drop in their respective value that has occurred over the last 24 hour period.

Just keep in mind the figures presented to you below are subject to change at any time, In fact they will change during the course of today and for that matter any day, but hopefully it will give you some food for through in regards to which ones if any you may be interested in using.

Spot Rates and 24 Hour Loss Amounts

The largest cryptocurrency by market capital is of course Bitcoin and the spot rate of it when compiling this news story was $9,965.96 and over the last 24 hours its value dropped by some 10.15%.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and its value is much lower than that of Bitcoin at some $1,069.84 but that cryptocurrency did see a drop of some 7.37% over the last 24 hours.

Ripple is worth $1.12, Bitcoin Cash  is worth $0.496545 and Cardano is worth $0.496545 and those three are the next biggest cryptocurrencies in order of their market capital and the loss each of them made over the last 24 hours was 12.80%, 11.06% and 15.71% respectively.

The sixth largest cryptocurrency by market capital is NEO which currently costs $141.21 and it did make a rather large loss over the last 24 hours of some 15.71%.

The final four cryptocurrencies that make up the last ten are Litecoin with a value of $160.98, Stellar with a value of $0.479989, EOS with a value of  $11.45 and NEM which has a value of $0.769747, those four cryptocurrencies saw a drop in their value over the last 24 hours of 9.62%,14.66%, 14.96%           and 13.59% respectively.

Just keep in mind that if you are looking for a cryptocurrency to buy into, you are best advised to buy when the price is low, but also find out the reason why any cryptocurrencies value may have dropped recently.

How to Buy Into Any Cryptocurrency

Sadly, most people get rather confused and overwhelmed when they first start to look at ways that they can start to invest in any digital currency, for there is a lot of unique terms and phrases associated with that environment, and the actual way that cryptocurrencies work and operate can also baffle a lot of people.

However, it is surprisingly easy for anyone to be able to buy cryptocurrencies for a first time user firsts simply needs to get a digital wallet, so please do checkout some of the other news stories on this website for by doing so you will find one that show you in a step by step fashion how to get hold of a digital wallet.

Once you have a digital wallet then you simply need to find a digital currency exchange at which to buy your chosen cryptocurrency, then when purchased by using any payment method it will then be sent out to your digital wallet instantly.

The one thing that any novice and inexperienced first time buyer of any cryptocurrency needs to learn about, be aware about and fully understand is the way that they can store their cryptocurrencies offline and away from the possibility of any type hacking attacking.

By storing your cryptocurrencies offline on a storage type device you are then never going to see them at risk from such an attack but are still going to have full access to them when you wish to pay for goods and services with them or sell them on.