The Number of ICO’s at an All Time High

June 8, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Investing in ICOsThere are now more people using cryptocurrencies as a form of investment than there are people using them as a payment option, however that is likely to be the case for several years yet.

What you are going to come across, if you are new to the cryptocurrency environment is several ICO’s that are going live every single day of there week.

An ICO is an initial coin offering, and they are a way for people who are launching a company, business or even looking to seek investment for a company or business that is currently trying to raise capital.

However, once thing you do need to be aware of when you come across an ICO is that not all of them are legit, but those that are give you the option of buying any number of their own generated coins and tokens for a low price, and you will be hoping when the business launches those coins and tokens will then be worth more than you paid for them.

There are plenty of risks attached to investing in an ICO however, for if you can avoid the out and out same ones, then you need to pick out the ones that have a solid project or concept backing them or the price of the tokens you buy to help them fund their operation will never rise in value and could in fact drop in value!

How to Find a Potentially Profitable ICO

There are several hints and tips that I can pass onto you to help you track down hopefully the initial coin offerings that are much more likely to produce a profit of your investment, so please do read on if you have been ticking of investing in one.

The very first thing you need to do is to find out if the team leading the concept and project are legit and whether they have experience in the market place and environment they are intending on entering with their company.

Next you should study the roadmap of the ICO as by doing so you will discover a set of dates which they will be hoping to achieve certain aspects of their projects inception and beyond its launch too.

You are also going to come across something known as a white paper when you do visit the website of any initial coin offering, and that white paper should if they have been written correctly give you a full insight into how the ICO has been structured and will give you a full business plan too.

Paying for ICO Issued Tokens

There should be at least one way of course for you to buy the tokens and coins being launched by an initial coin offering and often they will be issued only when the funding goals have been achieved and the required number of investors has been achieved.

The way in which most initial coin offerings are going to be selling their coins and tokens is by you paying for them with another cryptocurrency, bit having said that several initial coin offerings could be allowing you to buy their coins and tokens with fiat currencies too.