The Most Expensive Cryptocurrencies Revealed

April 4, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens available these days, and whilst many of them are going to be listed for sale and to buy on different digital currency exchanges, there are many thousands more that are not yet listed.

When it comes to you investing in cryptocurrencies you are therefore spoilt for choice, but at the end of the day you will have your own personal preferences of just which ones you do wish to invest in.

Volatility regarding the prices of such coins and tokens is something that all investors will have to take on the chin so to speak, for due to the nature of that trading environment, any coin or token could shoot up in value or drop in value too.

I have noticed that those investors who are prepared to throw caution to the wind and are prepared to take the maximum risks in the hope of making much larger profits when investing in cryptocurrencies are going to be more interested in investing in those with the highest unit purchase price.

If that is something that you have been thinking of doing yourself, then today I am going to be letting you know which of the many thousands of different ones that you can buy at most cryptocurrency exchanges are going to be the ones that do cost the most.  Whilst any of them could increase in value quite significantly, keep in mind that the opposite is also true!

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

The two most expensive cryptocurrencies you can buy currently are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the cost of a single full unit of each will cost you $7,374.34for Bitcoin and $695.02 for Bitcoin Cash, so if you are thinking of buying into the most expensive ones then they are both worth considering.

You may not have heard of the third most expensive cryptocurrency to buy, for that honor currently goes to Maker, and if you choose to but a single full unit of that coin then you are going to have to pay the spot price which at this current moment in time is $521.14.

It is Ethereum that is the fourth most expensive cryptocurrency at this current moment in time and regarding market capital, that cryptocurrency is the second largest one, however as its unit price is $405.34 it may be one worth taking a closer look at.

The fifth most expensive cryptocurrency is another well-known one, and that cryptocurrency is Dash which is going to cost you $333.42 per single full unit. There are of course fees and charges you will have to pay on top of all the spot prices I have mentioned when you do buy or sell any units of any cryptocurrencies via an online digital currency exchange!

You may never have heard of the sixth most expensive cryptocurrency, for that is DigixDAO and to buy a single full unit of it right now you are going to have to pay $229.26.

Zcash and Byteball

It is the twenty sixth cryptocurrency listed by its market capital that is the seventh most expensive coin to buy and that is Zcash, if you are interested in buying any unit of that cryptocurrency then its current value for reference is $198.16.

Moving onto the eight most expensive cryptocurrencies, that is Byteball and a full single unit of that coin is going to cost you $187.35 per full single unit along with you having to pay transaction and processing cost depending on where you choose to buy it.

Let me now give you some final ideas of some addition cryptocurrencies that you may be interested in buying into if it is indeed the more expensive ones that do appeal to you the most

At the time of compiling this guide Monero has a cost per single unit of $186.14 and Litecoin has a value of some $130.11 per full single unit. You can buy Veritaseum for a unit price of $121.60 and the price of the next highest valued cryptocurrency does drop quite noticeably that being Now which is a non-mineable coin costing $51.88.

A few more coins and tokens you could be tempted to buy include Decred at $46.58, Bitcoin Gold at $45.46, ZCoin which can be purchased for $30.66. Augur is going to set you back $26.14 per full single unit you buy and if you are interested in buying into Factom then you will find the unit price of that cryptocurrencies is quite affordable at some $20.88.