Tether the Only Cryptocurrency to Gain in Value Over the last 7 Days

March 31, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

The cryptocurrency markets have been very volatile over the last seven days, so much so in fact that the only one of them to make an increase in its value was Tether that goes by the ticker symbol USDT. Over the last week that solitary cryptocurrency has stood the rigours of the markets and has seen an increase in value of a tiny 0.20%.

Whilst that increase in value is by no stretch of anybody’s imagination amazing, it is the only one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies to make any type of gain in value, for all others have been losing value, in fact some of them have made huge losses over the last week.

Take for example the largest cryptocurrency by market capital, that being Bitcoin that goes by the ticker symbol BTC, if you had purchased any quantity of that cryptocurrency a week ago then today you would be sitting on a loss of a huge 22.14%.

Another popular cryptocurrency, especially with people who like to launch their own coins and tokens is of course Ethereum, and that cryptocurrency goes by the ticker symbol ETH, now things would not be look so rosy if you had bought into Ethereum this time last week, for if you had your holdings would have dropped in value by a large 26.07%, and you will be sat there wondering what on earth went wrong!

Ripple Drops in Value Significantly

One cryptocurrency that has been proving very popular with investors in coins and tokens and digital assets is Ripple, and the main and most obvious attraction of investing in Ripple is that it is a very low priced one when compared to most others.

However, you would also be licking your wounds this week if you had chosen to buy into Ripple this time last week for that cryptocurrency too has dropped in value quite significantly over the last seven days, so much so that drop-in value is a huge 22.59%.

One of the biggest recorded drops in value of the top 10 for so cryptocurrencies this week has been experienced with Bitcoin Cash, the ticker symbol, for that cryptocurrency is BCH and it is listed as an available one on a huge number of different cryptocurrency exchanges, the percentage loss experienced by Bitcoin Cash over the last 7 days is a mind blowing 30.69%!

If you were of the mind that some cryptocurrencies rarely experience such huge losses in value then it is time you thought again, for even though the digital currency exchanges always have traders looking to buy and sell Litecoin, which for reference goes by the ticker symbol LTC, that rarely volatile cryptocurrency has seen a huge swing regarding its value this last seven days with its value dropping by an enormous 28.33%!

Things will not be looking too good if you invested any amount of your trading funds in EOS this time last week for you may have to wait quite some time for its value to recover from the 13.00% drop in value experienced by EOS this last seven days!

Cardano and Stellar Also on the Slide

If you have been taking a wait and see approach regarding starting to invest in cryptocurrencies this last week, then you may be put off ever investing in any of them for there has been many other cryptocurrencies that have dropped in value.

Buy always keep in mind that when any of them do drop in value significantly that is often a good time to start buying into the, for there is then always the very real chance that in short space of time they will recover the ground and value lost, which is how you will then start to profit from your investments!

Cardano is yet another cryptocurrency that has dropped in value over the last seven days, if you are unaware of that cryptocurrencies ticket symbol it is ADA and it has dropped in value by a whopping 21.64% this past week.

Stellar which as the ticket symbol of XLM is another cryptocurrency that most investors have some value of holding in their portfolios, but alas those investors won’t be celebrating this week as its value has also dropped by some 16.83% this past week!

A few other cryptocurrencies that have dropped in value this past seven days include NEO cryptocurrencies that have dropped in value this past seven days include NEO whose value has reduced by 26.35%, IOTA has dropped by some 18.90% and also Dash which has seen a huge drop in value of some 28.33% this past week.