Ripple Continues to Increase in Price

April 20, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Ripple Increasing in ValueIt is by no stretch of the imagination one of the expensive cryptocurrencies you could choose to buy into, however when compared to most of the other ones, over the last day or two it is Ripple that is showing that largest increases in value.

In fact, many speculators are convinced it won’t be very long before Ripple reaches parity with the US Dollar, and looking at the spot price right now, that being $0.83, those speculators may have a point.

If you are blissfully unaware of Ripple, you need to know that it is, as of today, the third largest cryptocurrency by market capital, and that market capital is huge at $32,758,533,419, which is almost double the value of the fourth largest cryptocurrency that being BitcoinCash which has a market value of $16,556,142,912.

However, Ripple does have a long way to go if it is to knock Ethereum which its market capital of some $55,945,833,563 and Bitcoin at $140,840,465,826 off their spots as the second and top highest valued cryptocurrencies by market value!

In that last 24 hours alone, Ripple which can be identified on all digital currency exchanges by its ticker symbol XRP has shown an increase in value by some 15.56%, and if that increase does continue then it is like to soon increase in value and be worth more than one US Dollar, and that is something you do need to know about, for Ripple may be just worth buying into.

Ripple is Readily Available

To be able to buy Ripple, if that is something you do fancy doing so, you will first need to get a digital wallet that is going to give you access to your holdings of that digital currency.

You will not however have to spend a lot of time researching where to download such a wallet for there are several of them available, and once you have download that wallet you then need to set about locating a digital currency exchange at which to buy it at.

Now the things to always keep in mind when buying or for that matter selling any digital currencies is that each exchange will impose on your all manner of fee.

There will be fees associated with the payment method you choose to utilize top buy Ripple with, and also you will have to pay additional transaction costs too, and with Ripple being so low in value you need to becomes something of a savvy shopper and make a concerted effort to find an exchange that isn’t going to force you to have to pay a fortune when buying or selling that cryptocurrency.

You will also not want to lose out regarding the spot rate of Ripple either, and some exchanges can and do offer a slightly lower spot rate when you but that currency from that, so once again if you do want to get the best value, which every investor will do, shop around and compare several different exchanges

Where to Buy Ripple

There are no shortages of exchanges that have Ripple listed and available to buy on their platforms, however you will often find that some of them will only accept a small number of fiat currencies or in some cases may only allow you to buy Ripple using different cryptocurrencies.

With that in mind to conclude todays news story I will give you an insight into some of the most popular digital currencies exchanges that are both trusted and will offer you several different payment options and methods to allow you to seamlessly buy Ripple no matter where you are.

Bitstamp is one of the most utilized exchanges and when a user of that exchange you are going to be given the option of buying Ripple using USD, EUR and BTC and being a very easy to use exchange it is one I can recommend to you.

Kraken is another exchange at which you can buy Ripple, however they do have a few restrictions in place regarding limits and the countries they allow people to sign up and use their exchange from, and they too allow you to buy Ripple using BTC, EUR and USD.

If you choose to make use of the CoinOne exchange, then as a user of that exchange you ill only currently have the ability of buying Ripple using KRW and BTC. However, all transactions are performed rapidly.

Gatehub is another exchange that does allow users to buy and sell Ripple and their currency options include USD, JPY, CNY, EUR, BTC and ETH, so do keep that exchange in mind too.