Not One of the Best Weeks for Cryptocurrency Investors!

March 10, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

If you visit this website regularly, then you will know it is on a Saturday that I look back at the past weeks activity on the cryptocurrency markets.

However, if you are also someone who does invest in cryptocurrencies then there has been nothing to smile about over the last seven days, for the values of a huge number of different ones have taken some rather large drops on their values.

There has however been a few of them that have managed to retain their values this past week and some of them have also shown a little growth too, but it can often feel like pot luck as an investor regarding just which cryptocurrencies are going to show any kind of increase in value at any time.

Below I am going to give you a quick run through and overview regarding just which cryptocurrencies have been making gains and losses this past week but do always keep in mind that even though any of them may have dropped in value, there is always a good chance they may rebound in value at any time.

One of the main reasons I do think many cryptocurrencies are beginning to lose a little bit or in some cases a large chunk of their values however is that with so many new coins and tokens going live through initial coin offerings and token generation events, there are now plenty of choice regarding what an investor and invest their funds in.

A Crazy Week for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Even though over the last 24 hours Bitcoin has recovered some of the ground regarding its value, on the week that popular cryptocurrency has seen a huge drop in value of some 16.67%, so anyone who has just started investing it in will not be that impressed with their large loses this past week!

The second biggest cryptocurrency by its market capital is of course Ethereum and that digital currency has also spooked some investors in the last seven days with 14.76% having been wiped off its value.

Many investors are now choosing to steer clear of both Bitcoin and Ethereum and are looking at some of the lower cost cryptocurrencies to invest in, however there has not been much to smile about this past week for most other currencies have seen drop drops in their values.

Take for example Ripple as the third largest cryptocurrency by market capital its coins cost a tiny fraction of what those two named above do, however even Ripple has seen a drop-in value over the last seven days by some .6.70%

Bitcoin Cash has seen a huge drop of some 16.73% in its value, and the ever volatile Litecoin cryptocurrency has seen its investors licking their wounds this past week as that cryptocurrency has dropped in value by some 10.63%.NEO                investors will also have had nothing what so ever to smile about for NEO has also dropped in value but by a whopping 26.02%!

Cryptocurrencies That Have Made Gains This Week

There are however some cryptocurrencies that have made some gains this last week, in fact some of them have done very well, however you do have to look deep into the trading platforms and cryptocurrencies markets to discover just which ones they are!

The SIRIN LABS Token is the 93rd largest cryptocurrency by market value and that is one cryptocurrency that has increased in value of the past week seeing a tiny 1.00% increase in its value.

The 98th largest cryptocurrency by market capital is the Genesis Vision coin and if you had invested in that digital currency last week you will be showing a 4.90% growth in your invested funds.

Another coin that does appear to have been doing well this past week is the Storj coins, which considering the drop-in value of all other coins and tokens its 3.25% increase in value is an impressive one.

One coin that has astounded some investors this last week is the Minex Coin, for its value has shot through the roof this week and has seen an increase in value of some 29.94%!

Just one more coin to tell you about that has stood its ground this past week and has made a significant increase in profit is the PayPie token, and if you have the faith in that coin and had invested in it last Saturday then your holdings would have increased by a magnificent 12.76%.

So maybe its time to look for a cryptocurrency that is likely to increase in value in the coming weeks or month, rather than investing in just the main ones!