Mixed Results After Week of Cryptocurrency Trading

June 4, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Cryptocurrency Markets FlatIt has been something of a flat week on the cryptocurrency markets, for we haven’t seen any major gains or losses over the last seven days, which does make something of a pleasant change it has to be said!

Bitcoin  closed the week with a value of some $7630.67 which showed a small increase in its value of just 2.47% based on its price this time last week, and Ethereum was showed a small loss in its valued of some -0.50%.

There wasn’t really any validity in those two currencies however Ripple did manage to make a small gain in its price of some 4.12% and similarly Bitcoin Cash also showed a price increase of some 5.40% too.

If you had bought into this time last week, then you will no doubt be patting yourself on the back today, for its value has jumped by some 15.26%, so that cryptocurrency has been a much sought after one last week it is very true to say.

I do know quite a lot of you out there have holdings in Litecoin and if you have bought any holding last week then today you will be sitting on a small gain of 2.92%.

Another cryptocurrency that has seen aa huge increase in its value this last week was Cardano if you are looking out for that cryptocurrency on the exchanges then be aware its ticket symbol is ADA and its value has increased quite noticeably over the last seven days and that gain is some 13.39%.

IOTA Impressed Investors Last Week

There was also plenty of fallers and risers regarding the other popular cryptocurrencies last week and one that did rise was Stellar, the ticket symbols for that digital asset is XLM and if you have chosen to buy into it last week then today you would be sat on a profit and gain of some 4.17%.

It was however IOTA which you can identify on the exchanges with its ticker symbol MIOTA that had one of the best increases in price last week for its value jumped up by a huge 26.06%, which is proof that even when come cryptocurrencies are dropping in value there are some that can still increase in value too!

Big Loss for TRON Last Week

Now things were not that good on the exchanges regarding the value of TRON last week for it appears that cryptocurrency has fallen out of flavour with both investors and users and as such its value has taken a massive nose dive by a whopping 17.45%, but who knows it’s a funny old world so it could recover!

It may surprise you to learn that NEO is the eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market capital, and that was another coin that did manage to increase in value last week, and that value gain was some 6.44%.

Both Monero and Dash along with Tether all experience a slight drop in their respective values last week, but those drops were nothing major or nothing to worry about, and amounted to drops of 1.41%, 1.45% and 0.80% respectively.

Two other cryptocurrencies that survived the week relatively intact, both of which should an ever so small increase in their values were NEM and that price increase was 0.50% along with VeChain   that managed to increase in value by some 3.42%!