Is Trading Fiat or Digital Currencies More Profitable?

February 4, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Trading Fiat or Digital CurrenciesAs you do have the option of investing in many different things these days, you may be wondering if it is going to be more profitable for you to invest in fiat currencies or make the switch over to investing in cryptocurrencies, like millions of people the world over are already doing.

The very first thing I should wan you about however is that no matter whether you decide to invest in any one of the many fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies there are going to be no guarantees that you will make a profit from your investments, for both of those two quite different trading environments always have an element of risk attached and associated with them.

Fiat currencies are of course backed by a Government and Central Bank and as such the one thing that is often going to make those types of currencies rise and fall is the state of the finances of the country they are associated with.

However, when it comes to cryptocurrencies there are a lot of unknowns, and it is supposedly supply and demand that is the only overriding feature as to whether one cryptocurrency is going to rise or fall in value, as they are backed by no government, no central bank and are not backed by any precious metals or in fact any other thing other than the blockchain they are on and the number of people who want to buy and sell them.

How to Invest in Fiat Currencies

There are quite a number of different ways that you are going to be able to invest in fiat currencies. One way is by you simply buying one currency and then simply holding onto that currency until its value decreases and then selling it on to lock in a profit.

That however can often see you being forced to have to pay a range of fees and Forex related charges and as such you will need to factor them into your plan of action when buying, holding onto and then selling fiat currencies.

Also, it is a risky business when you do buy a physical currency for you do of course need to hope the value does decrease and if you are buying lots of one currency or any currencies you will need to ensure that they are kept somewhere safe and secure.

My people who do fancy investing in the value of fiat currencies however will opt to make use of a Forex Broker, there are many of them available online, and instead of you having to buy, store and then sell a fiat currency you can simply place a bet on whichever fiat currency you want to try and profit from.

When using a Forex Broke you have to pick two currencies to pair together in a trade and hope the one you pick to fall or rise in value, over any given time period does, and if it does your bet wins and you are paid out, if it doesn’t you lose what you bet on that Forex trade!

How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

The safest way for you to go about investing in digital currencies is to set yourself up with a digital wallet, pick a digital currency exchange at which to buy and sell your chosen digital currencies and also make sure that you store them offline where they are never going to be at risk from hackers.

You do of course need to buy when the price is low and then wait until the price of any cryptocurrencies rises in value, and that is something that can happen at any time for all cryptocurrencies are very volatile in nature.

So be aware that there are never going to be any guarantees that you will make money investing in cryptocurrencies, but there is always the chance you will do so as long as the price you sell them for is more than the price you paid for them!

I would however strongly advise you to steer clear of lending platforms. A lending platform is a service whereby you send and lend your digital currencies to the operators of those platforms and they “invest” them on your behalf.

Experience has taught a huge number of people that lending platforms are usually get rich types of schemes that can often be Ponzi type schemes too so you will be taking one risk too many if you do decide to lend out your cryptocurrencies as you may never get them back!