Is PaySafeCard a Viable Money Transfer Service?

December 2, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

Let’s face it, when you wish to move money around online, you are going to have plenty of different options and methods available to you.

However, these days at the forefront of everybody’s mind is the fact that there are going to be risks associated with giving out your personal baking information online, and a growing number of people refuse to use their credit or their debit cards online to purchase goods or pay for services online.

That has spawned the launch of a range of web and e-wallet type companies, who will allow you to open up and use their e-wallets as the way to both store funds online safely and securely and then also be able to send money around the web in a highly secure way.

But to be able to fund those web and e-wallets you are going to have to supply the companies that supply them with your banking details, as the way in which you top up those accounts is by using a debit or credit card or transferring money in them directly from your back account.

So as someone who does regularly move money around the web you may be desperately seeking another option that is never going to put you at risk of any type of fraudulent actively or having your credit and debit card information hacked into in one way or another.

There is an alternative that many people have discovered in regards to being able to more money around the web without having to ever give anyone your banking or personal information, and that is by using the services of a company called PaySafeCard.

What PaySafeCard offer is a prepaid voucher system, and to purchase those voucher you have to visit any type of retail outlet that sells them and by doing so you can purchase their vouchers on the spot and much more importantly by using cash as the payment method for them.

You can have any value of PaySafeCard voucher you require and by buying one of them you will get a unique PIN printed on the front of the voucher and then use that PIN at the checkout page or on the banking page of the website you wish o use it at to pay for goods or services.

One handy additional benefit of choosing to use PaySafeCard is that you are not required to pay anything over and above the face value of the voucher, so it is a very cost effective online payment method.

So if you are of the mindset that you do want to use one of the most secure ways of moving money around online and never want to have to give you banking details to any third party company, then I would suggest you consider making use of those prepaid vouchers sooner rather than later!