ICO Bonus Tokens Can Dilute Your Investments

March 8, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

You need to spend a lot of time looking around for some good investments to make if you are the type of investor that does tend to invest in initial coin offerings and token generation events.

However, having said that there are literally thousands of them that you can pick and choose from, and if you set aside plenty of time to research them all you should have no difficulties finding plenty of them that will appeal to you in one way or another.

But one aspect that you should keep in mind these days is that many ICOs and token generation events are going to be tempting you to take part in them by giving you time restricted bonuses.

As such, if you are prepared to buy into those ICOs and token generation events that do offer time restricted bonuses, then on top of the coins and tokens you buy you will be allocated a percentage of additional ones at no cost.

However, there is one thing to always keep in mind about such offers, and that is those free no cost bonus coins and tokens are going to undervalue and dilute the value of your investment, and as such you should be wary of signing up to and investing on any such ICOs or token generation events.

Much more so, after the bonus period has expired for you are going to be paying more of those tokens and coins that you would have done if you bought them during the bonus period!

Choosing the Method for Buying Coins and Tokens

Most initial coin offerings and token generation events will of course be launching on just one platform, and as such if for example you are buying into a token launched on the Ethereum blockchain, then you will be using Ethereum to buy those tokens with.

However, it is worth me point onto that now all tokens are built around smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, there are several other blockchains you may find tokens being offered on.

Take for example the WAVES platform and there blockchain, what I like the most about it, is that you can use their digital wallet to store lots of different cryptocurrencies and a handful of fiat currencies such as US Dollars and Euros.

As such, finding an ICO that is launching onto the WAVES blockchain gives you the added advantage of being able to buy tokens using lots of different cryptocurrencies or by using fiat currencies, and you buy and sell those tokens on the WAVES digital exchange that is built into the digital wallet.

However, to ensure you check out as many coin and token generation events and initial coin offerings for you are bound to find plenty of them that do directly appeal to you and will be based around the business ideas, concepts and projects that do also appeal to you the most too.

Do Your Due Diligence!

Unless you had more money than sense, if someone walked up to you in the street and told you about an amazing concept they had or a business idea that was going to make millions, you would do as much due diligence as you require to ensure that person was legit.

Well, that is something that you must also do in the online environment when you are perusing the many different initial coin offerings and token generation events that you will see being offered to you.

You will only have yourself to blame if things do not go as planned, and as such you need to set aside plenty of time to research each initial coin offering or token generation event so that you understand the concept behind it, the people behind that project and how it is going to be rolled out.

As mentioned above never be tempted to invest in any coins or tokens purely on the number of bonus coins to tokens you are being offered to invest, as those bonus coins and tokens are always going to influence the long-term price of them.

Much like when you invest in anything, there are going to be risks associated with investing in any coins and tokens, so please never rush into making any investments, for if you do there is a chance you may lose the funds you have invested, and that is something that no one is going to ever want to experience no matter how much they have chosen to invest.