Google Chooses to Ban Cryptocurrency Adverts

March 14, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Google Bans Bitcoin AdvertsIt wasn’t that long ago that Facebook decided that there were not going to accept advertisements for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency related services, and many people at the time speculated that it would only be a matter of time before Google followed suit.

Well, it has just been announced that Google are going to be banning  advertisements promoting Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies, so they do must feel they have the right to dictate to web users what they can and cannot spend their own money on!

Many conspiracy theorists are stating that both Google and Facebook are not banning such advertisements for moral, ethical or even security type of concerns and reasons, but rather it is the new world order working behind the scenes that has forced their hand in banning such advertisements.

But whether that is true or not, if you are about to launch for example an initial coin offering or wish to actively promote you coin generation event then you are going to have to look at other ways of doing so.

One does also have to wonder whether YouTube may also start to ban such advertisements and whether they are possibly also going to ban any YouTube channels that have been set up to discuss, promote and other which showcased cryptocurrencies too, and I doubt it would surprise anyone if that is something they did do in the very near future!

Price of Cryptocurrencies Still Fluctuating Wildly

One does have to wonder what is spooking Facebook and Google so much, whilst there is no doubt in anybody’s mind those two companies are very cash rich and are in a unique position regarding who they can or cannot take advertising revenue from, just what is it about cryptocurrencies they fear so much.

The price of all cryptocurrencies is of course just as volatile as ever, and there is no getting away form the fact that people can see their investments in any cryptocurrencies suddenly drop in value, or conversely rise in value just as quickly, but that should not be of concern to those two companies.

It is probably more down to the fact that there have been and will probably always be some initial coin offerings and token generation events that are going live that do scare such companies, for a small handful of ICO’s and token generation events are out and out scams, but most of them are not.

As such, it is always worth noting that if you do have some money to invest and it is coins and tokens that you are interested in investing in, then you should always do as much research and perform your own due diligence on any up and coming initial coin offerings or token generation events that do appeal to you, and ensure they are viable and do have long term growth potential before investing in any of them.

Still Pondering Whether Cryptocurrencies are Worth Investing in?

It is often the case that investors that are looking for the best returns on their investment funds are going to have to take a chance on some of the riskier investment opportunities out there, and as such you need to decide fi cryptocurrencies are something you are interested in investing in, just which ones you should invest in.

You may prefer putting your money to work on some of the longer established cryptocurrencies, and if that is the case you will be best advised to consider buying into Bitcoin or Ethereum or even Ripple.

But do keep in mind that buying into Bitcoin is always going to have some huge risks attached, for being such an expensive cryptocurrency regarding its current price of one single full unit of the cryptocurrency, its value can and does have much further to drop when compared to a cryptocurrency such as Ripple which only has a tiny cost per single unit.

Everyone is of course also going to have their own opinions on just which cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens do have the potential for the best growth and which of them are going to have sustained ongoing growth too.

But do try and ignore any nonsense that is pouted by certain quarters in regards to which cryptocurrencies are going to increase in value or decrease in value, as I have not yet met one single person who has been able to correctly and accurately predict the rise and falls of any cryptocurrencies over any given time period!