Facebook Ban Advertisements Promoting Cryptocurrencies

February 1, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

It would appear that Facebook have something to fear with the rise and popularity of digital currencies, for they have chosen to ban any form of advertisements on their network that promotes any kind of cryptocurrency.

They must think they have some kind of God given right to tell their users what they can use their money for, and whether you like their decision or not, it is one they have implemented, but with an assurance that they will revisit their decision in the very near future.

That does ask the question what about companies and businesses that promote themselves on Facebook that are not associated with cryptocurrencies but their websites but may have advertisements on them for cryptocurrencies.

You will find that many different websites including online new channels and news papers do have the occasional advertisements for cryptocurrencies appearing on their respective websites, will they ban them from advertising on Facebook too?

Whilst it is of course up to Facebook who they take advertisements from, the way the company is run and the way it is very money hungry and will try and commercialise their network at any given chance, it wouldn’t surprise me if they launched their own cryptocurrency at some point in the future.

Until that day arrives or until they decide to change their minds you will not see them promoting any type of cryptocurrencies on their network, in fact they have also decided to ban advertisements promoting Binary Options Brokers too!

Is It Legal To Use Cryptocurrencies?

There have been and are many counters that are looking at ways of either banning or even regulating the cryptocurrency environment, however due to the way cryptocurrencies have been designed that is something that is practically impossible to do.

At the end of the day it is up to you whether you do start to use a cryptocurrency, and as they offer anonymity, security and can be easily send around the web seamlessly and often with the absolute minimum of transaction and processing fees they are a real alternative to other forms of payment methods.

You will of course need to select one that is perfectly suited to your won ants and demands, for some cryptocurrencies are now aim and targeted at a certain demographic of use, and often they can also be aimed at one particular market place too.

As long as you pick and choose just which currency you use, and also take the necessary precautions in regards to ensuring that all of your digital assets are secure and safe then you ill rarely if ever experience any problems using cryptocurrencies.

With that in mind I would strongly advise that you do your homework in regards to selecting just which cryptocurrency to use, as there are more than enough of them out there, all of which may be offering you something unique, and three will certainly be one that is suited to whatever you wish to use it for when you do your research!

Risks Associated With Cryptocurrencies

There are of course risks associated with everything you do in life, you could walk down the street and get hit by a bus for example, however as long as you are fully aware of the risks with whatever it is you intend to do, and take necessary precautions then you can then minimise the risks and negate them.

In regards to cryptocurrencies one of the main risks you face is with people trying to relieve you of your cryptocurrencies and as such you are always going to be best advised to store them offline and in such a way that no one can hack into your computer and steal any cryptocurrency assets you hold.

Also, make sure that you select a cryptocurrency that is solid and reliable, for there are any cryptocurrencies, coins and token being released that offer you no protection what so ever especially in regards to their value.

You also need to ensure that you can trust the people you are dealing with if you intend to pay for goods or services online using your digital currencies, however most people only trade with companies, individuals and businesses they do know and trust.

One thing you are never going to be able to control when using cryptocurrencies in general is the value and the volatility of the value of any of them, so whilst their values can rise quite significantly, they can also fall just as fast too!