Experts Fanatical About Predicting the Price of Bitcoin

May 24, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Predict the Value of BitcoinEverybody seems to be an expert on Bitcoin these days, and you only have to checkout any news stories whether in print in a newspaper or published online relating to Bitcoin and you will often come across a plethora of them each day in which some so called expert explains why Bitcoin will reach a certain value at a given point in time.

However, let me cut to the chase here, there is no way on earth that anybody can correctly predict whether Bitcoin is going to shoot up in price at any time in the future or drop in value either.

What so called experts, and I have yet to meet anybody who would be qualified in any shape or form to be an expert in that cryptocurrency, can do however is guess and make a wild prediction as to what Bitcoin could be worth this time next week, in a month, a year of even this time next decade.

So, what I want you to understand, if you are a first time or novice investor in cryptocurrencies, is to take with a pinch of salt what others are telling you about the cost of Bitcoin and the way it will rise or fall, for they are just guessing, and if you base your investments of other peoples guesses, then that is often a sure-fire way to see your investment funds vanishes or being greatly diminished!

Winners and Losers on Every Bitcoin Trade

You must also keep in mind that there are going to be winners and losers on every single Bitcoin trade made, and if you cannot understand the concept that you could lose money as well as make money when investing in cryptocurrencies, then either educate yourself more on the risks, or do not invest at all!

Having said that though it is going to be down to the way you choose to have your trading strategy in place that could limit any potential losses.

Many investors are going to put themselves in a position whereby if the value of Bitcoin does start to drop they will then put a sell order onto their chosen digital currency exchange to sell their holdings, and by selling their holdings they will then limit their losses in the value does continue to drop.

Much like you do have to have a stop loss limit in place when placing Bitcoin or for that matter any cryptocurrency trades, you are going to be best advised to have yourself a win or profit limit too, for by doing so once you have achieved your profit goal you can then sell on your Bitcoin holdings and guarantee that amount of profit.

So that is something else to keep in mind if you do fancy becoming a Bitcoin trader, but there is a lot more to learn also, and that is where this website is going to come in hand, so please do make use of our guides and articles for further guidance on when, where and how to trade Bitcoin successfully!