Cryptocurrency Investing Now Easier Than Ever Before

May 17, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Investing in BitcoinI’m sure that if you have considered buying cryptocurrencies in the past, you could have been put off doing so due to you having to go on a very steep learning curve!

I know that a few years ago when I did take the plunge into buying and selling cryptocurrencies I had to spend many days trying to understand the concept of a blockchain, getting a digital wallet and then working my way through the maze of now only digital currency exchanges but also trying to work out which cryptocurrencies were worth investing in too.

However, these days things are much easier, for as the digital currency environment has matured, more and more companies have been launched that understand just how confusing it can be to first take the plunge into becoming an investor in cryptocurrencies and offer services and products to make doing so very easy.

But if you are about to take that plunge yourself, then read on for I think you may find the following information I will be revealing to you below of use and should find in no time at all you will have chosen a coin to token to invest in and will be well on your way to hopefully cashing in too.

Firstly, though you need to understand what a blockchain is, and that is simply a ledger than is constantly updated with every transaction performed of any one single currency.

That ledger ensures that once each transaction has been processed and moved around have been allocated to a digital wallet those transactions are logged and non-reversible too.

Which Digital Currency to Buy Into

The blockchain as you have just found out is your guarantee that if you do decide to buy, sell or simply move cryptocurrencies around there is a system in place to verify those transactions are real and completely irreversible, however you are going to have to decide just which cryptocurrencies to buy into.

You are likely to want to dip your toes so to speak into buying into Bitcoin, for that is of course the most commonly used cryptocurrency and the one that most people have heard of.

However, there are literally thousands of different cryptocurrencies you could choose to buy into, and one thing that you will discover when comparing the price of each of them, there are some very low-cost ones out there, so no matter what your trading budget is, you will find a cryptocurrency to buy into and start investing in.

Instead of me suggesting a cryptocurrency to you, I feel you will find it beneficial to do your own research, a good place to start is the Coin Market Cap website, for that listed all major cryptocurrencies and ones that do have large volumes of them traded each day on a range of different digital currency exchanges.

That website will also let you know any increases and decreases in the values of each of the cryptocurrencies they list over any period, so you can for example see hourly, daily or even seven days movements in their values.

Don’t Get Stung with High Transaction Fees and Charges

One often made mistake and a costly one too by people who are investing in cryptocurrencies for the very first time, is that they will simply select the one they wish to invest in and buy into then search for a digital currency exchange that has them listed and available for sale.

However, by simply choosing the first one you come across you are likely to find that you are going to be hit with some very excessive fees and charges for buying those cryptocurrencies, and as such you are going to have to cover those fees and charges for not only buying but selling a cryptocurrency from any gains you make.

Therefore, and this is important, spend as much time as you need getting together a list of digital currency exchanges that not only have a high volume of trades each day, on the cryptocurrency you wish to invest in but make a point of checking to see what their transaction fees and charges are too.

With a little bit of time and effort you will find some digital currency exchanges do have some very low fees associated with using them and by selecting such an exchange any trading profits you do make are not going to be eaten away simply for using an exchange, so do make sure that is something you do!