Bitcoin the Saviour of Offshore Gambling Companies

January 7, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

It has been a very difficult time for many offshore based gambling sites in the last few years, due to the fact that many government of the world no long allow them to advertise their services within the boundaries of their countries unless they obtain a license from the Gambling Commission or licensing authority within each individual country.

Also some counties have also banned their respective banking institutions from sending payments into any gambling sites based offshore, and as such there is no easy way for a gambler to top up their gambling site accounts.

However, that of course was until Bitcoin and the many other digital currencies came along, for betting and gambling sites are now able to accept deposits via digital wallets and can also pay out their winning players back to any type of digital wallet too.

That has led to something of a turnaround for many offshore gambling sites and many of them have seen a sharp upturn in regards to the number of customers that are signing up to and playing at those gambling sites.

Whilst many players do have the ability of gambling at all manner of different gambling related sites that are licensed in their own home country of residence and as such have the added protection of the gaming authority in that country, many gamblers do not have the ability of gambling at such sites, as there is no regulatory system in place in their home country of residence!

Anonymous Payments and Fast Transactions

With the way that digital currencies such as Bitcoin work, it is possible for gamblers to make deposits but in an anonymous type of way instantly into any gambling site accounts they hold.

Also, one aspect of gambling that online gamblers appreciate is the fact that many Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency accepting sites have put in systems that enable them to pay out their winners much quicker than most other payment methods.

In fact, I have noticed quite a lot of gambling sites that now proudly boast of the fact that anyone using a digital wallet to deposit can benefit from instant winning payouts, and that is one of the main reasons such sites are proving more and more popular.

One of the problems that most gamblers do experience is long and drawn out payouts at some sites, for their withdrawals can sit pending for days on end before they are processed and sent out to them, which is something they will never experience when choosing to become a customer of a site that does payout their winners instantly back to a digital wallet.

There are of course a few things that I would suggest you check out if you are thinking of gambling online and in the following section of this new story I will take a look at what they are so you never end up gambling at a site that isn’t going to be offering you a fully rounded type of gaming experience!

Selecting a Good Gambling Site

If you are interested in gambling online then you need to be fully aware of what makes one site a better one to gamble at than another, for you will never want to fall into the many pitfalls that gamblers can do when they do not make the effort to find a site best suited to them.

The one thing you should always be looking out for are gambling sites that are going to be offering you fair and random games, if for example you choose to play at a poker, casino or bingo site, and as such the only way that you can be completely confident the games on offer to you at any site are fair and random is by only signing up to licensed sites.

Also, if you do want to benefit from rapid winning payouts and also hassle free deposits to double check the banking pages of any gambling sites website, for by doing so you are then going to find out just what payment methods they do accept and also just how long it takes them to process deposits and withdrawals too

Bonuses are something you will be offered at any gambling site you sign up to, but the terms and conditions will need checking through to find out if any bonuses you are offered or qualify for are going to be worth you claiming or not all of them will be!