Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATMS On The Increase

February 21, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

With the number of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM’s increasing almost daily I have decided to compile the following news story that is going to be revealing to you a lot of facts and figures about those machines. For if you are a cryptocurrency user then there is a very good chance you may just need to use such a machine at one time or another.

As of today, there are a huge number of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ATM’s spread all over the world, and that figure stands this morning at a total of 2310 ATM’s.

One question that I do get asked a lot about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM’s is just how much they charge people for using them.

It is of course going to be dependent on whether you are buying or selling cryptocurrencies at an ATM and just which cryptocurrency you are buying and selling too. But the average buy fee is 9.17% and the average sell fee is 7.66%.

So the average fee when taking both of those to figures into account is around the 8.74% range, and as such if you do intend to use the services of any type of cryptocurrency ATM then make sure you factor those fees into your transactions, as sadly there is not getting away from having to pay those fees when using any type of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency ATM!

Cryptocurrencies You Can Buy and Sell Using an ATM

When people first think of a cryptocurrency they often think that they are only going to be able to buy and sell Bitcoin using those machines, however any ATM’s will now let you buy a range of other cryptocurrencies and also allow you to sell them on the spot too.

In fact, at the time of compiling this news story 1048 ATM’s around the globe accept a range of different cryptocurrencies and not just Bitcoin.

If you use Litecoin as your preferred cryptocurrency then you will find that there are currently 997 ATM’s located across the globe that will allow you to buy and sell Litecoin more or less instantly.

Ethereum is of course the second largest cryptocurrency by market capital and there are now a total of 485 Ethereum accepting ATM’s available however I do expect that number to increase sooner rather than later.

Dash may just be a cryptocurrency you use and if so you can exchange that cryptocurrency currently at 185 ATM’s, but if it is Bitcoin Cash ATM’s you are seeking then there are 174 of them located across the globe.

There are three other cryptocurrencies that you can now buy and sell at ATM’s and those cryptocurrencies are Zcash of which there are 19 ATMS’ that accept them, Dogecoin of which 15 ATM’s will allow you to buy and sell them and there are just 3 ATM’s that will allow you to buy and sell Monero.

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies increases, which is happening daily of course, there will be plenty of additional ATM’s going online in many other towns and cities across the world.

Companies That Operate Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ATM’s

Obviously with fees and charges to be made, there are quite a number of different companies that currently operate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM’s, and in this final section of this news story I am going to enlighten you as to the market share of all of the major Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM operators of which there are quite a few.

The biggest operator currently is Genesis Coin for they operate a huge 34.68% of all such ATM’s and they are installing many new ones each week too in many different locations.

The second largest operator of such machines is General Byte and their market share is  26.75%, next you have Lamassu and they currently operate a total of 13.07% Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency dispensing and accepting ATM’s.

Coinsource operate 6.97% of the machines in existence and BitAccess are not that far behind them operating some 5.06% of machines. The operator CoVault current has 3.68% of ATM’s that both accept and dispense cryptocurrencies and BitXatm have 2.12% of such machines currently in operation.

There are also a number of much small operators and in total they make up the remaining 7.66% of machines operating across the globe.

It is fairly true to say that no matter where you live or where you may be visiting you are bound to be find at the very least one Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATM nearby where you live or are going to be staying.