A Week in Review on the Cryptocurrency Markets

March 4, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

A week really is a long time in the cryptocurrency environment these days, and fortunately if you are a cryptocurrency trader or are simply investing in a range of different ones, then the markets have been steadying this last past week.

As I like to do each Sunday, today I am going to be looking at how all the leading cryptocurrencies have fared on the digital currency changes and see what percentage of their values they have lost or have gained over the last seven days.

Let me start off by taking a look at the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies that of course being Bitcoin, at the time of compiling todays news story, which by the way goes for all of the values I am about to showcase and present to you, Bitcoin had gained 15.74% in regards to its value over the last seven days, so it may just be similes all around!

Ethereum really is beginning to look much more solid these days and many people are warming to it over Bitcoin, and its value has risen this past week, admittedly by not as much as Bitcoin but in total its gain has been some 1.22%

Ripple sadly has not fared as well as the two cryptocurrencies named above, for its value has dropped by a not so insignificant 4.05% over the last seven days, but keep in mind the value of one single Ripple is a tiny fraction of what you would pay for a single unit of Bitcoin or Ether.

Bitcoin Cash Has Increased in Value

There are many people impressed with the volatility of Bitcoin Cash, even though the whole idea of that Bitcoin fork was not to be used as a way of investing rather than using it to buy goods and services, however its value has shot up in the past seven days by an impressive 4.96%!

Litecoin sadly has been in the red this week for its value has not increased but has dropped by 1.21% regarding where its value stood last week, however in the general scheme of things that isn’t too big a loss for investors to cope with!

There may be not a lot to smile about if you have been buying into NEO recently, however to be far with a percentage increase in its value over the last seven days of some 1.85%, any holdings you did have this last week will be showing more of an increase in value than if you have left that money in a savings account!

Let me look at some of the other top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capital and see whether they have made any gains or losses this past week. Cardano is down in value by a huge 10.98%, Stellar is showing a loss of some 0.28%, and EOS        is also showing a loss of some 1.08%.

Keep in mind that anything could and probably will happen regarding the values of those cryptocurrencies in the coming week, and whilst they could cont9nue to decrease in value there is also the chance they could show an increase in value too.

Monero Has Shot Up in Value Over the Last 7 Days

Anyone who has been holding onto Monero will certainly be smiling this week for that cryptocurrency has been performing very well with a whopping increase in value of some 25.21%, but who knows whether it will continue to rise in value of not!

IOTA is not one of those cryptocurrencies that is on everybody’s radar, however it has fared quite well this week and whilst not showing a huge gain in its value over the last seven days its value has increase ever so slightly by some 0.29%.

Dash for reference currently number twelve in the top cryptocurrencies by market value, and there may be a chance that you have some holdings of that cryptocurrency, and if so over the last seven days its value has increased by some 1.05%

A few other cryptocurrencies you may be interested in investing in are NEM which has shown a loss over the last seven days of some 9.62%, TRON which has made a huge gain this week of a very impressive 18.80%, and then of course there is Ethereum Classic, which does appear to have been completely loveless in the digital currency exchanges this week for it has made a loss of some 15.65% over the last seven days, which could be repeated next  week, who knows!