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Have you decided that you would like to start using digital currencies? If so then there is a very good chance you are still getting your head around how they all work and operate, and if so then allow me to introduce to you on of the mineable digital currencies that being Decred.

Now, what you do need to be aware of is that there are of course some cryptocurrencies that have been around for a long time and have become established and have lots of people using them day and night, however Decred is one of the newest ones that is now fully operational.

Whilst it will of course be up to you just which of the many different cryptocurrencies you do end up deciding to use, please do take a look through this guide, for by doing so and then looking at some of the other ones you are going to be able to then choose one to make use of that suits you down to the ground.

Overview of Decred

There is quite a bit to learn about cryptocurrencies and Decred and as such I will start off be inviting you to watch the following video as by watching it you will then get a good grounding for the way that Decred has been structured and how it works too.

As Decred is an open and decentralised cryptocurrency you are always going to be able to purchase any volume or it or even sell any quantity too, but keep in mind that the price of it is always going to be on the move in one direction or another which is important to know.

Where to Buy and Sell Decred

Buying or selling cryptocurrencies really couldn’t be easier these days for all you need to do is to have a digital wallet in which you can store your currencies and then simply locate a digital currency exchange at where you can buy and sell them too at also.

If you want to buy and sell Decred then to help you locate a first class and very reliable exchange I have listed each of the major ones below at which you will always be able to purchase as much or as little of that digital currency as you require.


The Poloniex exchange may be a digital currency exchange you are familiar with for they have been around for quite a number of years now and offer plenty of different services for anyone who is wishing to buy or sell small or large quantities of Decred.


Being able to store your Decred safely is of course important and as such one digital wallet that is always going to be offering you the very highest of security features and protocols will be the one available at Bittrex and their digital currency exchange comes highly recommended too.


There are always going to be plenty of different exchanges that you are always going to be able to make a purchase of any quantity of Decred and another one that may just be worth adding to your list to check out is the Bleutrade exchange that is now live and ready to take your orders.


You should always have plenty of payment options available to you if you wish to make a purchase of Decred at the YoBit exchange and they do of course offer a live and updated in real time platform on which you can buy and sell and also see the current live price of Decred.

Tux Exchange

You may be interested in using the digital currency exchange that is available at the relatively new Tux Exchange and if so then you will find quite a lot of different payment options that will allow you to buy any volume of that digital currency quickly and with the minimal of fuss.

Choice is something you do have as any type of digital currency user and as such you should always make sure that whichever digital currency exchange you choose to make use of is always going to be offering you the best of everything.

So spend as much time as is required to compare each of the exchange listed below if you are about to start using Decred, for by doing you will very quickly discover just which of them is going to be best suited to your wants and needs.

Things to look out for include the best exchange rates possible, for I have often discovered that different exchanges will be offering you different exchange rates and just like you are likely to shop around when buying your holiday currency that is something you should be prepare dot do when using digital currencies too.

Another thing that is definitely going to change at each digital currency exchange is the fees and charge you are going to be forced to have to pay to use their services, so always avoid those exchanges that impose of their customers the highest of fees and charges as you will lose out when using such an exchange!

I have often found that due to the likelihood of different exchanges offering different exchange rates, then it is beneficial for you so sign up to several different exchanges and then when you do wish to buy or sell Decred you should check all of the ones you have an account at for the best exchange rates.

That way you will be locking in the best value, much more so if the exchange you have chosen to use has the very lowest fees and charges associated with it, and with enough exchanges being available you are always going to be in the driving seat when it comes to picking out just which of them to use for all of your Decred transactions, either as a buyer or seller of that digital currency!

Top 10 Decred Exchanges by Currency Pairings

The top 10 currency exchanges listed below are listed in order in regards to the highest volumes of daily trades they perform for turning one currency whether digital or fiat into Decred.

  • DCR/BTC – If you want to do a DCR/BTC exchange then the one exchange that does perform the highest number of those types of digital currency trades each day is Bittrex. On average they perform around $508,440 of those trades each 24 hour period and as such the percentage of those particular trades performed each is day high at 48.18%.
  • DCR/BTC – You may be interested in doing a DCR/BTC transaction and if so then one of the very best and certainly one of the most popular exchanges at which you can perform such exchanges at is Poloniex. In regards to the volume of DCR/BTC performed at that exchange over a day the volume is some $502,010 which is a high percentage of all such trades.
  • DCR/BTC – Bleutrade is going to be the digital currency exchange you will be best advised to visit if you wish to do a DCR/BTC exchange for they do a lot of those exchanges every single day of the week. In fact, their daily average of those exchanges is $42,720which surprisingly is 4.05%of the total volume of such trades, so do consider using that exchange.
  • BTC/DCR – As someone who does wish to do a BTC/DCR trade then there are a number of different exchanges that are always going to allow you to do such an exchange, and one that is recommended is Bleutrade. Due to the simple fact that on average they perform in total in regards to BTC/DCR exchanges a volume of $42,720 you will always find you can buy or sell any amount.
  • DCR/BTC – There are of course some digital currency exchanges that will allow you to perform a huge number of different digital currency transactions, and one such exchange is Cryptopia. If you are seeking out an exchange that is going to allow you to perform DCR/BTC exchanges then thanks to their daily average volume being $1,314 such trades you will never experience a problem buying or sell those digital currencies on their exchange.
  • DCR/BTC – YoBit will certainly be one of the very best digital currency exchanges that you should consider using it at any time of the night or day you wish to do DCR/BTC exchanges and you will have no difficulties performing such a trade on their exchange. They have a daily average of around $833 of such transactions performed on their exchange which guarantees fluidity.
  • DCR/DOGE – If you sign up to the Cryptopia exchange then you are going to find a range of different digital currency options available to you in regards to buying or selling any quantity of such cryptocurrencies. You are going to be able to very easily and seamlessly perform DCR/DOGE transactions and you may be interested to learn on average each day they perform a fair number of such exchanges.
  • DOGE/DCR – By choosing to use the Cryptopia digital currency exchange then there are always going to be plenty of different digital currency exchange options available to you. Therefore if you are interested in doing DOGE/DCR exchanges and want an exchange that can handle small or large volume of those currency transactions then this is certainly an exchange to consider using.
  • DCR/DOGE – Bleutrade is the one digital currency exchange that I can highly recommend if you are looking for somewhere that you are always going to be able to perform DCR/DOGE exchanges in a very cost effective way. They do perform one of the largest daily averages of such trades and that ensures no matter when you wish to buy or sell, then you are always going to be able to do so.
  • DCR/LTC – One additional digital exchange for you to consider using if it is DCR/LTC trades that you are looking to perform is the Cryptopia. The volume of those types of trades they perform on average is fairly large and as such you are definitely always going to be able to buy or sell any volumes that you require and will be able to do so easily and in a cost effective way.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have made it all the way through this guide of Decred then you are probably very interested in starting to use that digital currency, and I do hope some of your questions you may have about it have been answered above.

You could have a few additional question relating to using Decred and if so then please do make use of this final section of this guide for all of the most commonly asked questions will be answered below for you.

Can I buy Decred without a credit card?

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Can I get a mobile digital wallet?

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