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Dash, is one of many different cryptocurrencies that you may be thing of utilizing, however you may have already come across Dash before for it was formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin, and is quite a commonly used digital currency.

It has often been the case that when someone starts using any cryptocurrency for the very first time they have to go on something of a steep learning curve to get their head around how to use it and what the pros and cons of using it are too.

However, the aim of Dash as a crypto currency is to be one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrencies and one that anyone with no experience of using any form of digital currency is very quick going to be able to understand and master using too.

This guide has been put together is such a way that I will walk you through every single aspect of using Dash, and will also point out anything unique about it or anything I feel you need to be aware of, and as such please do read on for you may find Dash may tick all of the right boxes in regards to what you are looking for from a cryptocurrency.

Overview of Dash

You shouldn’t have too many problems if any when you start to use Dash, but as this may be a cryptocurrency that you are still trying to get your head around, then I would advise you to simply watch the following video which should give you a basic outline of the service they have to offer you.

You can use Dash as soon as you like, but please do continue reading for there are going to be plenty of Dash exchanges that you can make use of, some of which will charge you some quite modest fees too, so it won’t be an expensive cryptocurrency for you to buy or sell.

Where to Buy and Sell Dash

Dash is a readily available cryptocurrency, and it may be one that you are very interested in using for any reason. If so then to enable you to buy or sell any amount of Dash you should consider making use of any of the following Dash exchanges, all of which offer a rapid hassle free service.


Dash may just be the cryptocurrency you prefer using and if so one of the biggest and best Dash exchange you can and will be able to make use of rapidly is the HitBTC exchange take a look over their website for there is much more to that exchange than first meets the eye.


One of the most popular Dash exchanges and one that does offer you a  massive and ever growing number of currency pairings too is the Bithumb exchange you will find a full overview of everything that they can offer you by simply taking a look over their website for more details.


You should soon get the hang of buying or selling Dash and if you are on the lookout for a Dash exchange that quite a lot of other people use and have found to be a very easy to use exchange too then make your way over to the respected Bitfinex exchange sooner rather than later.


With several different language options and one of the easiest to use Dash exchanges found anywhere online, then if you want to exchange that digital currency quickly and with the absolute minimum of fuss and effort and in one of several different languages then consider using the YoBit exchange.


One final Dash exchange and one that also offers you the ability of buying or selling virtually any digit currency is Poloniex exchange they have a spotless reputation and can always be relied on to exchange any volume of Dash or any cryptocurrency quickly.

Top 10 Dash Exchanges by Currency Pairings

The way in which you are going to be able to purchase any quantity of Dash is simple, for you will first need to determine how you much you would like to purchase, and the exchange you wish to use and the payment method you wish to buy it with.

To give you some ideas in regards to the many different currency pairing options available, below I have put together a listing of the most common Dash and currency pairings and will also let you know just which exchanges will allow you to perform such transactions.

  • DASH/USD – The Bitfinex exchange is the number one Dash exchange in regards to the volume of Dash exchanged and turned into USD. By virtue of the fact on average they have a volume of around 7.22% of all transactions performed in regards to turning Dash into US Dollars.
  • DASH/KRW – It is the Bithumb digital currency exchange that is the most popular one by users of Dash who wish to turn their Dash holdings into KRW. A recent review of the volume of transactions made in those currencies revealed they had a volume of 29.97% of all related transactions performed for turning Dash into South Korean Won.
  • DASH/BTC – With an average volume of 2.57% of Dash transactions over a 24 hour period, if you are looking for a digital currency exchange that can turn your Dash into BTC then one to consider is Bittrex. They are going to allow you to seamlessly exchange any volume of Dash holding and turn it into Bitcoin via their established and reliable exchange.
  • LTC/DASH – If you are looking for a Dash exchange on which you can turn Litecoin into Dash then based on the daily volumes of transactions one you should consider using is WEX for they had, when I checked, a volume of 0.67% of all related daily transactions, therefore making them the most popular exchange for those two currencies pairings.
  • CNY/DASH – There are many people it would seem who wish to turn CNY into Dash, and if that is something that you are interested in doing then the xBTCe digital currency exchange is the one that has the largest volume of daily trades on those two currencies. They handle on average, at the time of compiling this guide around 0.01% of related daily Dash transactions.
  • DASH/EUR – Many people are looking to trade Dash for Euro and vice versa, and the WEX exchange is one of the exchanges that do handle a very large amount of those currency pairing transactions each day of the week. In regards to their share of Dash related transactions each day they handle around 0.72% of such transactions.
  • USDT/DASH – Exchanging USDT into Dash is going to be a breeze if you use the HitBTC exchange, and you will of course be able to do an exchange the other way around too at that digital currency exchange. They do handle a huge volume of daily Dash exchanges and that volume is on average around 14.13% of all of those Dash related transactions performed over a 24 hour period.
  • ETH/DASH – Ethereum maybe a currency you use a lot and if so if you wish to exchange any volume of that currency into Dash then the WEX exchange is probably going to be the one you should make use of. In regards to daily transactions performed in regards to those two currencies they process the largest volume of transactions at 0.08%.
  • NEO/DASH – Whilst the number of people who wish to exchange NEO into Dash is not as high as the number of people exchanging other currencies, there are still many people who do so each day. If you do wish to perform such an exchange then with a volume of 0.85% of all such transactions performed each day, WEX are the digital currency exchange that does handle the most transactions.
  • XMR/DASH – Monero can be exchanged and turned into Dash at the Poloniex exchange, and they do have a reasonable amount of such transactions performed each day, with their daily average volume of related transactions being some 0.01%, and as such you should not experience any problems performing such transactions on their exchange.

There will of course be plenty of additional Dash exchanges that you can make use of and there will be plenty of additional exchanges that you can also buy and sell any quantity of Dash at too.

The one additional aspect of buying or sell Dash that you need to be aware of when using any exchange though is that there will be different fees and charges imposed on you for each transactions you make so always keep that in mind and select an exchange with modest fees and charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people very quickly get the hang of using digital currencies so if you do think it is going to be a very complicated environment to enter, then please do think again for you will soon master the way you can buy and sell Dash. The final section of this guide is going to be answering all manner of different questions that you may have about Dash.

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